APEX ported to MySQL and SQLServer

One of the big ‘limitations’ with APEX is that it is proprietary, after all who wants to go to the hassle of installing Oracle just because you want to use Oracle functionality.

Here at APEX Evangelists, we have been busy toiling away for the last few months and we’re pleased to announce that we have finally managed to port APEX to run on Microsoft SQLServer and MySQL.

Now you can use the full power of Application Express regardless of which backend database you’re using.


We have issued a couple of press releases about the product, which we are calling “Application Espresso”. Product Manager for Espresso, Dimitri Gielis was heard to say “It’s AWESOME”, whilst John Scott was quoted by Time Magazine as saying “It’s a major step forward for Database Independence, whilst maintaining a synergistic paradigm shift for adaptive conceptualization of Web 3.0″.

We are currently looking for Beta testers, so drop us a mail if you’re interested.

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  1. That explains the internal rumors I have heard that the next APEX 11gR2 release will have a license fee. Everything on Windows costs money.

    I like what you guys are doing on the APEX level, but I would not have been so enthusiastic about it. Apparently Oracle now fully acknowledged its potential.

  2. Wow! That’s some mean feat! I wondered if this would ever happen. And I guess I’m not too surprised at who it was that actually pulled it off. Good luck with the new product.


  3. Marco,

    The rumours you have heard regarding the next release of APEX having a license fee have no foundation, nor historical precedent. I am not aware of any current or future plans to charge licensing fees for APEX.

    The majority of our development tools are no-cost options or free, many of which run on the Windows platform. Oracle Application Express requires only a Web browser and as such is not installed anywhere other than the database, which can be installed on a very wide variety of operating systems (including Microsoft).

    Oracle certainly does understand the potential of APEX as seen by our decision to embed APEX within the seed 11g Database. We plan to incorporate the latest version possible of APEX into 11gR2.

    David Peake
    Product Manager – Oracle Application Express

  4. All jokes aside, a development concept similar to Apex on a “free” DB would rock. Something with mixed licensing model like Berkley DB would be a perfect candidate for port, if Oracle ever thinks about it. Being a realist, I understand that this is not likely to happen.

    I love Oracle DB (and use it a lot in my “day job”), but it does have quite a large admin overhead for a simple non-commercial website…

    I love Apex too, this is an incredible tool – thanks a lot guys for doing such a great job!

  5. Thank you very much Mr. Davis Peake for your remark.

    Good to hear this officially, although today it is April Fools day and to make the post a little bit more interesting, I added some falvour to it.

    As you mentioned as well “…it has no foundation, nor historical precedent. I am not aware of any current or future plans…”

    To be honest, I don’t know of any off such rumours (the ones I refered to), but thinking of a good April Fools remark, this was one that poped into my mind.

    When I think about it, I am even a APEX eleterate regarding what happens out there in the APEX atmoshere. I know that the APEX community can count of a enormous amont of enthousiast as it should be because I think it is a cool product.

    Hoping no harm done,


    Marco Gralike
    Sr. Oracle DBA

  6. This was of course an April Fools….perhaps too subtle judging by the number of emails I got from people offering to be Beta testers ;)


  7. Hi Guys,
    where can I find the source and the tutorial for mysql apex application?
    I searched in the network without any kinds of result.
    Thanks advance for your help.



  8. I want to use the Sqlserver database with apexnI don’t know,what should i do primarily ???nPlease explain me, how to use it ??? and if you would mention any tutorials based on that, it would be better

  9. I love to become a Beta Tester, since Oracle XE been playing with APEX, and can’t wait to give it a shot with MySQL.nnJust point me to a download in Linux better or Windows and will take it from there. Also like to participate in the Bug Report.

  10. Well actually, all joke aside. There is an open-source product that is an Application Builder just like Oracle Express which uses MySql instead.

    Do a Google of ‘nuBuilder’

    It is a lot easier to learn with lots of video tutorials, and if you know PHP you can also write your own code snippets for various events as needed.

    The application is also fully supported.

  11. looks like nobody is interested in advertising this product. I was looking on the web for “Application Espresso”, but found some good coffee instead! This sounds more like a joke. There is nothing also on the company site. Well – nuNuilder looks really very impressive !
    I wonder what are your opinions about Xataface and SynApp2 ?

  12. Dearst

    I am using apex, & interested in mix it with mysql, if you have any promising solution we have a team to test it


  13. Hi John,
    I searched for more info on how to port APEX to MySQL but did not find.

    Could I kindly ask you for a suggestions where I can find it.

    Thank you in advance and


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