Just a quick note to mention that on Wednesday I’ll be at the (2nd!) APEX SIG meeting at the Oracle City Office in London, it looks like it’s going to be a packed day (already sold out sorry!) full of APEX sessions. I’m very happy that something ‘official’ is now being held in the UK for APEX and that so many people are involved and supporting it.

Secondly, time flies…UKOUG is right around the corner now (30th November – 2nd December). There are lots of great APEX sessions planned -

DateStart TimeEnd TimeSessionPresenter
30 Nov 200910:5512:55Building Scalable Applications with Oracle Application ExpressJohn Scott
30 Nov 200912:0513:05Life After FormsSten Vesterli
30 Nov 200913:5514:40APEX – An enterprise development tool? You betChris Gilbane
30 Nov 200916:1517:00Accessibility in APEX - Attempting Not to ExcludeAnthony Rayner
30 Nov 200917:1017:55Connecting Oracle Spatial and Google Maps API through APEX user interfaceMarin Huljev
1 Dec 200909:4510:30Building Rich Web Applications! Inside Look into the Oracle APEX 4.0 Development LabAnthony Rayner
1 Dec 200912:0512:50It's great to integrate: Integrating Oracle Forms within Oracle Application ExpressRoel Hartman
1 Dec 200912:5513:55Application Express RoundtablePanel
1 Dec 200914:4515:30Apex – The Fast Way to Extend the e-Business SuiteRod West
1 Dec 200915:4016:25Enhanced Charting Capabilities with Oracle APEX 4.0Hilary Farrell
1 Dec 200915:4016:25Choose Your Weapon - An Overview of Oracle Development ToolsSten Vesterli
1 Dec 200916:5017:50Oracle Application Express 4.0 - The Latest & GreatestDavid Peake
2 Dec 200909:5010:50Dispelling Myths about Oracle Application ExpressJohn Scott
2 Dec 200911:0511:50Building Large Scale Mission Critical Systems with Oracle Application ExpressJan Navratil
2 Dec 200913:5014:35Oracle APEX Forms ConversionJohn Batchelor

If you didn’t spot it, I’m doing 2 sessions, Dispelling Myths about Application Express and also a 2 hour masterclass on Building Scalable Applications with Oracle Application Express (which I believe should be interesting to *anyone* developing with APEX, not just those people who are developing large scale applications).

We are also going to hold an APEX round-table on Tuesday (1st December) at 12:55-13:55, where you can come along and ask any (APEX related!) questions you have.

It’s interesting to see that Oracle are taking this event seriously too, with David Peake, Anthony Rayner and Hilary Farrell from the APEX Development team all attending (and presenting).

Now, I just need to book my hotel!

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