Oracle OpenWorld 2006

Well I’ve decided to take the plunge and sign up for the Oracle OpenWorld 2006 event in San Francisco from the 22nd-26th of October. It will be the first OOW I’ve attended, so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

There are lots of special programs that you can sign up for, such as –

I have (of course!) signed up for the Oracle Develop program, since I spotted there would be a section on “Oracle Application Express Advanced Techniques”, the section on “PL/SQL Performance: Debunking the Myths Uptime Application Patching” also looks very interesting.

I also signed up for “XQuery, Oracle XML DB and Web Services” since it’s something I’ve been meaning to investigate for some time. So not only will it be a good chance to learn about the technologies from the experts, but also a great opportunity to see in what ways it can be applied to day-to-day business problems. I’m a big fan of trying to learn new things (my bookshelf is littered with books I’ve bought on the spur of the moment), but the important thing is not only to learn something, but to also know how to apply and adapt it. So I’ll definitely be looking for ideas that I can take away with me to ‘tinker’ with.

There’s always the temptation with this sort of thing to ‘stay within your comfort zone’, so I’m also definitely going to look into things that I wouldn’t normally get exposure to, since you never know if it might prove useful to you in the future.

It will also be great to meet up with some of the people involved in Application Express, so if you see a slightly ‘lost’ looking Englishman walking around, don’t hesitate to say ‘Hello’.

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