Oracle ACE

Well, I’m humbled, seriously I am….

I’ve just been made an Oracle ACE for my involvement with Oracle Application Express. It’s a huge honour to have my name listed alongside the other ACEs on that page, I’m still at the ‘bewildered’ stage and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.

Andrew Clarke (another ACE) wrote a good piece about becoming an ACE, some of his comments definitely struck a chord with me, for example

In the end, you can’t set out to become an ACE. It’s something that happens to you along the way, a sign that somebody else has spotted your efforts and deemed them worthy of merit.

Radio Free Tooting: On becoming an ACE

I definitely didn’t set out to become an ACE, and certainly never expected that I would become one. I looked back at my first post on the OTN Application Express forum (spookily posted almost 2 years ago to the day) and it was a question (rather than an answer!), as time went by (and I began to learn more about the product and how it could be used) I started to answer some of the questions that other people posted. I have definitely found that helping other people also helps my own understanding, since often I might *think* I know the answer but when researching it I might find something that I didn’t previously know.

I cannot thank Mark A Williams enough for nominating me as an ACE, it is an absolute honour and I am definitely going to keep on contributing to the future of Application Express in every way I can.

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