Application Express 2.2 in Production

Application Express version 2.2 is now in production!

You can download it from from Application Express OTN website

There are a huge number of great new features, some of them that look immediately useful are –

  • Copy a Page from Another Application You can now copy a page from one application into another. During the copy process, you can also copy referenced shared components or change the mappings to shared components in the target application.

  • Timestamp datatype support In release 2.2, you can build forms and calendars on tables that have columns of type TIMESTAMP.

  • Component-level Export You can now export shared components or components of a page. You can use this new feature to backup a component before editing or to create an export that functions as a patch to another Oracle Application Express instance.

These features alone are going to save lots of time and increase productivity in a tool that already has amazing productivity returns.

I’m already downloading and installing it on my laptop……

2 thoughts on “Application Express 2.2 in Production

  1. Dimitri Gielis

    Hi John,

    You took the same “most usefull features” as I πŸ™‚
    The APEX 2.2 install is currently installing at my side…

    When do you offer APEX 2.2 on your production systems? I’m currently working on the follow-up of our famous WC2006 app πŸ˜‰ and yes it’s in 2.2!



  2. jes

    Yeah they do look like attractive new features don’t they!

    Shellprompt will be upgraded once I make sure that none of the existing customers will have any problems with their applications being upgraded.

    Personally I think some of the new features in Apex 2.2 are so good (and productivity increasing) that there no reason to delay an upgrade to 2.2



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