A Nice Surprise

I blogged a few posts ago about becoming an Oracle ACE, so I thought I would followup and show you (if anyone is reading this?) the nice surprise I got through the post


As I mentioned in the previous post, I didn’t ever expect to become an Oracle ACE and I certainly didn’t expect to receive a nice award like this through the mail. Infact, I was slightly confused the morning it arrived since I’m always ordering one thing or another online and practically know the couriers by first name. However I wasn’t expecting anything that particular day so when the courier knocked on the door and asked me to sign for a package, I thought perhaps the signs of senility were creeping in a few years early.

I’m not quite sure what couriers use to seal their bags with these days, but it took a pair of blunt scissors, a sharp knife and 2 burst blood vessels to remove the first (of many) layers of wrapping. In my ‘wisdom’ I’d actually taken the package through to the kitchen to try and open it, this turned out to be a bad choice since when I eventually pulled the package apart it went with such force that the ‘mystery object’ fell out of the box with gravity giving it a helpful hand towards the stone floor tiles.

Fortunately the award was still wrapped in lots of bubble-wrap at this point so I managed to break its fall (towards the stone floor) by sticking my foot out, this is where I learned just how heavy the award is!

Anyway, disaster was narrowly averted and I’m extremely overwhelmed to get this award (don’t worry I’m not going to break into an ‘Oscar speech’), now I just have to tidy my study so I can display it in pride of place.

As an aside, trying to take a picture of a glass object is a nightmare, I took about 10 different pictures before I managed to get one I was happy with, either the writing kept being out of focus or the ‘glare’ back from the reflection was too bright. It’s also made me realise that it could be time for a new digital camera since mine (a 5 year old Sony DSC-P5 3MP) is starting to do ‘funky things’ like turning itself off at random times (and no it’s not the powersave), or when it thinks my picture is too boring it will add a nice blue tint to the right hand half of it for no apparent reason.

So, if anyone (is anyone reading?) has any good recommendations for a reasonable camera let me know.

One thought on “A Nice Surprise

  1. Dimitri Gielis

    Hi John,

    Congratulations again! πŸ˜‰
    The award looks nice… Does it deserve a space on your mantel piece?

    About a digital camera; I bought a Canon IXIUS 800 about two months ago and I’m very happy with it.




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