A new toy

Well I took the plunge and bought a new digital camera after my old camera (a Sony DSC-P5) was finally starting to show signs of its age. I’ve had the P5 for about 5 years or so and it’s been a great camera but just lately its started to shut itself off for no apparent reason and the picture quality definitely seems to have reduced, the pictures just don’t seem as ‘vivid’ as they used to.

I looked at quite a few different cameras before finally deciding on the Sony DSC-T30, one of the main things that swung me towards the T30 is just how small it is, the camera is billed as ‘credit card sized’, but in reality it’s actually just a bit bigger:

Sony DSC-T30

Obviously it would have been silly of me to put a credit card in that picture, so I’ve laid the camera next to a business card and a pen just so you can get an idea of scale. That picture was taken with my old DSC-P5 and actually came out better than I thought it would (did I replace it too soon?!).

Just to test the new T30 out, I took a few pictures in the garden and was lucky enough to catch our cat with her eyes open, during one of the rare breaks in her 23 hour a day sleeping habit:


Now, I’m the first to admit that I’m no professional photographer, but I’m quite happy with the way the T30 has coped with overcast skies to get the colour balance looking right.

I also took the ubiquitous pictures of some plants and flowers, just to test out how closeup the T30 can focus:


There is also a ‘super macro’ mode where you can focus as close as 1 inch away:


With my old camera, trying to focus that close (I was probably about 3 inches away from the dandelion) would have probably resulted in two things:

1) A blurry photo due to the camera shaking too much.
2) The lens motor whirring away like mad trying to constantly readjust.

The T30 has also made me realise just how bad the shutter lag was on my old camera, you know the feeling…you try and take a picture of a group of people, you tell them to smile…press the button…and by the time the camera takes the picture people have started to look away from the camera (or you catch them mid-blink). With the T30 there is no noticeable lag at all (at least not to me), also it seems to save the image to the memory card extremely quickly, so you can easily take pictures in quick succession.

So, all in all, I’m extremely impressed with this little camera. Just one thing remains now –

Read the manual to learn how to use it properly!

3 thoughts on “A new toy

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  2. Mark A. Williams

    Hi John,

    I suggest on your first day in San Francisco you use that new camera to keep a “photo trail” of the path from your hotel to the Moscone so you can always find your way back. 🙂

    Seriously, I wish I didn’t have to cancel OOW this year, but such is the way things go.




  3. John Scott

    Hi Mark,

    Excellent idea, a sort of Hansel & Gretal with MemorySticks.

    Yes it’s a shame you can’t make it, I definitely owe you a drink or two.



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