Apex Developer of the Year…It’s official!

Well, it’s been officially announced now, I’ve been named Oracle Application Express Developer of the year in the Oracle Magazine Editors Choice awards.

I’m not sure how I managed to keep quiet and not let anything slip for so long now, but now it’s finally in print (yes I will actually be named in the Oracle Magazine, how bizarre is that?).

I was extremely honoured to have been nominated, and definitely humbled to have won it, there are a great number of excellent Apex developers out there and I can definitely still learn things from each and every one of them, so I’m definitely not going to let this go to my head, although I will be framing my copy of the Oracle magazine article if it ever arrives! It would be just my luck to be featured in the magazine and for my subscription to not be sorted out in time!

I would especially like to thank Joel Kallman and the others who nominated me, it was a great vote of confidence and I’ll do my best to keep doing what I’m doing (or do it better if I can!).

I had to give an interview for the magazine, which is something I’m not used to doing at all, although it was all very ‘painless’ (it always helps when it’s a topic you’re very interested in). If there’s one quote in the interview that I stand by, it’s this:

I haven’t come up against a Web site or system that I wouldn’t like to do in Oracle Application Express

I really believe that, the more I use Apex the more I see other ways in which it can be used.

I also had to have my photograph taken for the magazine, which was an absolutely surreal experience, it’s one thing having your photograph taken when you’re on holiday, it’s quite another having it taken by a professional photographer in the middle of the busy city centre of Leeds at lunchtime (yes really….I had to ‘pose’ infront of hundreds of people walking past thinking ‘who is that lunatic? he doesn’t even look famous’). I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures in the magazine (if they’re featured), I usually hate pictures of myself and I’m sure these will be no exception, but at least this time they were for a good reason!

Well…I guess I’d better go and start packing for OOW! Not long to go now!

10 thoughts on “Apex Developer of the Year…It’s official!

  1. Dimitri Gielis

    Congratulations my friend! A well deserved trophy.

    This must be YOUR year: Oracle ACE, Apex Developer of the year, on stage at OOW, picture/interview in Oracle Magazine, having hosted the most famous Apex app…


  2. jes

    Thanks all,

    I knew I’d hate that picture though….one word ‘diet’ πŸ˜‰ In my defence it was a very sunny day, which is why I’m squinting and they do say the camera adds 10 pounds, although they do also say the camera never lies ;).


  3. Jon Miller

    Congratulations John. Your constructive replies on the forum have helped many developers out there, me included.

    I was interested in your comment about not seeing a system or website you wouldn’t like to do in Apex. I recently joined a new company and have been trying to “persuade” them of the joys of Apex. We have a really archaic meetings system in Forms/Reports6i. I can very easily replace all of the reference and set-up screens to be much more functional in Apex. However, the one screen (and general type of creen) I have trouble replicating is the main transaction screen that Clerks enter hugs amounts of data into. All heads down, hammering at the keypad stuff – no mouse required. I do find it tricky to know if Apex can realistically replicate the requirements for that kind of screen.
    I’d be interested to know your thoughts.


  4. Sujay

    Congrats John!!!

    I was glancing through the latest Oracle magazine and came across your name, and I immediately told myself, “Wait a minute, I know this guy, he hosts our cricket club’s portal!!!” πŸ™‚

    Congrats again!

    Sujay Dutta



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