Day Minus 1

Well my body has really lost track of time now, it’s almost 6am Sunday and I’m wide awake, so I thought I’d describe my first ‘OpenWorld’ day (which was yesterday…saturday).

Dimitri Gielis and I had arranged to go and register for our OpenWorld passes first thing in the morning, to avoid the queues that would be registering on monday (40,000+ people attending this event). The OpenWorld event is centered around the Moscone Center (although many sessions are also being held in other hotels and places) and that is where I was told the registration process was held (although I found out later that I could have registered downstairs in my hotel). Surprisingly there don’t seem to be many “Moscone Center this way” type of signs around, which when you’re as ‘geographically challenged’ as I am, means that finding one of the biggest buildings you’re ever likely to see becomes a challenge, but eventually through sheer blind luck (and the old “Ask a policeman” technique) I managed to find it.

The registration process was incredibly fast and simple, I didn’t even have to queue, just walked right up to the desk and then proceeded to be given lots and lots of ‘goodies’ (which is always nice!). We (Dimitri and I) had planned to do some sight-seeing after we’d registered, but there was so much to look round in the Moscone building that we spent the next few hours looking around it.

Oh and I did manage to get ‘picked’ to be interviewed by the Oracle TV people (that’s probably not the right name for them!), while I was standing around a guy tapped me on the shoulder and when I turned round there was a TV crew there and they asked if I’d mind being interviewed for some footage to be shown on some of the big video screens that are dotted around the building. The interviewer asked me a few questions about what the OpenWorld event meant to me, what I thought I would get out of it and what I thought of San Francisco, then he said because I seemed comfortable infront of the camera he’d ask me some more questions, so obviously that then meant the next answer I gave I completely screwed up and lost the tail end of the point I was trying to make! So, I’m pLater retty sure that question won’t make the ‘final edit’ (if any of it is shown at all).

Here’s a picture of Dimitri taking advantage of one of the beanbags, no he wasn’t really asleep, although many other people were.
Dimitri taking advantage of the beanbags
Later in the evening we (Dimitri and I) met up with Steve Howard and Doug Gault in preparation for the Apex SIG roundtable today that we’re all taking part in (along with Tony Jedlinski who couldn’t join us). We went for a great meal at the Tadich Grill on the recommendation of someone Steve knew, the cioppino (if I’ve spelt that right) is probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had, I’m not quite sure how they managed to cram so much seafood into it, but every time you thought I thought I’d reached the bottom of it, there was yet another piece of fish or seafood. Great value and fantastic food, unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it (Dimitri has, so you’ll have to wait for him to post on his blog). I had a great chat, Steve and Doug are both great guys and obviously very enthusiastic about what they do…which always helps to make initial meetings with someone you don’t know so much easier. It was a very good night, I enjoyed it a lot.

So, today (Sunday) I’m taking part in the Apex SIG at 10:45am – 12:00pm (say hello if you’re there), I don’t have a clue how many people will be there but I’m sure it will be good fun taking part. Then I have another couple of session (just watching this time) afterwards, the first is Tony Jedlinski’s presentation on ‘Building a dynamic menu framework with Apex’ and the other is the ‘Everything you need to know about Collections but were afraid to ask’ (which I’m looking forward to).
Later in the evening it’s the Oracle ACE dinner, which should be good (despite not knowing anyone there, other than by ‘reputation’), but I’m sure once the alcohol starts flowing it’ll be a great dinner.

Well, I’d better start getting ready for the day ahead….more tomorrow (maybe).

One thought on “Day Minus 1

  1. Wyn

    I was also at OpenWorld!

    At first I thought you stole my picture, because I took the exact same picture from the same vantage point and it looks like on the same day!

    What a coincidence.

    I was there for the Thinkquest Live event which was sponsored by Oracle.

    It was great, thanks from brining back the great memories.



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