Openworld – Thursday (Final Day)

I can’t believe, it’s the final day already. In some ways it’s seemed like a long week (my feet are certainly feeling it), in other ways it doesn’t seem five minutes since I was stepping off the plane at SFO.

I had a very early start today (up at 6am for an 8am session), for the Putting the Express Back into Oracle Application Express with Ajax presented by Steve Karam. I have to apologise to Steve since we met briefly for about 30 seconds at the Bloggers Evening, but I didn’t put 2 and 2 together and realise that Steve was presenting this session, apologies Steve!

Despite starting at 8am (and being the final day) the audience turnout was impressive, Steve is a very accomplished and polished presenter, I liked his presentation a lot. Ajax is an area that many people struggle with, since Javascript is not the easiest thing in the world to debug when things start to go bad, however I think Steve did a great job of showing just how much you can improve the end-user perception of your application with just a few simple steps.

Next it was Test Driven Development in the world of PL/SQL by Steven Feuerstein. This was my second time seeing Steven presenting and I have to say, that with this presentation he’s convinced me to take TDD onboard into my working practices (where I can), since it’s such a ‘logical’ thing to do to make our (developers) lifes easier in the long run. A fantastic presentation, and the TDD tool that Steven showed looked very very useful, I will be investigating that when I get back home.

Then on the way to my next session, I spotted the session on Welcome to My Nightmare: The Common Performance Errors in Oracle Databases by Michael Ault which I decided to ‘sneak’ into (actually I didn’t sneak, I just hadn’t registered for it, but luckily I managed to get in anyway). This session was quite interesting, done in a bit of a different style to some of the others I’ve been in, but still interesting to see.

For my final session of the day, indeed my final session of OpenWorld, what better way to finish than to see the rerun of Tom Kyte’s Database Worst Practices. I’d obviously already seen this session, but hey it’s Tom Kyte, plus this time around it was a much smaller room than first time around (which was huge). What can I say, other than if you ever get the chance to see Tom present then jump at the chance, you won’t regret it.

Then it was over to the It’s a Wrap party, for (yet more!) free food and drink and a chance for a final chat with some of the people I’ve met, it’s amazing how in all the crowds of people over here you still manage to ‘bump into’ (sometimes literally) people you know. I spent some time chatting with Paul Ashton of Reuters (a fellow brit who now lives in Colorado) who’s an avid Apex fan too (we were in quite a few of the same sessions through OOW). All in all a good way to finish off the whole OOW experience.

Thanks to Oracle for hosting and organising such a huge event, also thanks to everyone I met, I’ve met up with some people from the OTN forums and also people I’ve swapped emails with, I’ve also met some new people who I would have never met before, and I’ve definitely made some good friends while I’ve been here.

So….am I pleased I came? Absolutely!
Would I do it again? Definitely!
Do I need to rest my feet? Oh yes!

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