Openworld – Wednesday

A bit of a quieter day today (relatively speaking) sessions-wise.
First off it was Recent Enhancements in Oracle’s Cost Based Optimizer by Jonathan Lewis. I’d really looked forward to this session since I saw it listed in the OpenWorld schedule builder. I like to read the articles that Jonathan has produced in the vain hope that 0.01% of the knowledge will be absorbed by my brain (I’m still waiting on that one). His book on Cost Based Oracle Fundamentals is one of the best books I own. If there’s one mistake I made when I first started buying technical books (many years ago), it was to buy books that were ‘too simple’, if there’s one thing I like it’s having technical books that you can read and re-read and re-read again and still have more things in them that you can learn.
As I expected, Jonathans’ session was absolutely superb, I’d never heard him present before but his style and confidence were immediately apparent from the first sentence. Some of the content was very technical and not for the faint-hearted, but Jonathan presented it in a style (and with sufficient examples and description) that the majority of it was understandable (or rather seemed understandable at the time!). This one is definitely one of the presentations I’ll be looking at again once I get my OpenWorld DVD.
Of course, being a big fan of Jonathans’ work, I had to grab him for a chat afterwards he was a really nice guy.
Jonathan Lewis.jpg

After lunch (a very delicious ham and cheese sandwich) it was time for Next-Generation Oracle Database Performance and Scalability: A sneak Preview. As you can guess from the title this session covered some of the features that ‘might’ be included in the next version of the database. Some of the highlights included –

  • Secure Files
  • Query results caches
  • Cache fusion
  • Enhanced Performance for Backup & Recovery
  • Enhanced native compilation

I need to read up on those features some more, since some of them look really interesting (particularly secure files).
Next up it was Recent Advances in Automatic SQL Tuning presented again by Jonathan Lewis, this was absolutely superb, I wrote down loads of little tips and snippets that I need to look through once I get back home and my brain isn’t so ‘fuzzed’. There were lots of tips here about using Enterprise Manager and also commands you can use in SQLPlus to help with your SQL Tuning. In a word, superb!

In the evening it was the Apex Meetup in the 4th Street Bar and Deli, I absolutely loved this, since it meant it meant sharing a few drinks with the team behind Application Express. apex_meet1.JPG

From left-to-right, Backrow- Joel Kallman, Jason Straub, John Scott, Steven Howard, Sitting – Marco Adelfio, Dimitri Gielis, Marc Sewtz, Doug Gault, Michael Hichwa.

The picture was taken by Raj Mattamal who is a very energetic and funny guy, we also met up with Anton Nielson and Sergio Leunissen but unfortunately they had to leave early, but it was good to be able to meet up with them.

(Sergio Leunissen and me).

We discussed quite a few things to do with Apex as well as the Apex SIG, as well as some general ‘getting to know each other’ type of stuff that people do after they’ve had a few beers (or Margarita in some cases).
I can’t tell you just how passionate about Apex these people are (and me too!), it was very good to see the enthusiasm that Michael, Joel and the others have about the product and how they want to continue to promote it (and to have ‘our’ – the communities help in promoting it). I think that the coming year is going to be a significant one for Apex and Apex development, I’m pleased to be a part of it.
Many thanks also must go to Michael, who very (very!) generously picked up the bill at the end of the night, had I known that I might have gone for a desert too 😉
A great night, this is what OOW is all about.

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