I want one of those

I watched the Apple keynote which was released yesterday and as soon as I saw the iPhone I knew I wanted one. This ‘device’ looks absolutely gorgeous, it’s fit well in the hand unlike some of the other bulkier smartphones out there) and as you come to expect from Apple, it lets you perform the tasks you want to perform without being overcomplicated.

I’ve been an Apple user for over 18 months now and I have to admit I wouldn’t actually go back to using a Windows machine now, there’s a bit of a misconception that Macs are for people who ‘don’t need the power of Windows’ but from my perspective that’s simply not true. I would certainly say that I was a ‘Power User’ type of Windows user, I’ve used Borland Delphi to work on all sorts of Windows development projects over the years, I’ve read about, eaten and slept the Windows API, I’ve written multi-threaded Windows services which handled millions of transactions per hour and whats more….I enjoyed it.

However, about 18+ months ago my Windows laptop began showing signs of age and I rather than go out and buy a new one, I decided to go for a Powerbook instead (yep, I bought a G4 powerbook right before Apple announced they’d be moving to Intel chips). I’d say (looking back) that within a couple of days I’d gotten used to the new user interface, within a couple of weeks I’d got used to the new Operating System (OSX) and within a month or so I felt completely at home as a ‘Mac Switcher’ (as we’re known apparently).

I have been completely impressed with the way that using a Mac just lets me get on with doing whatever I want to do, my productivity has definitely increased (that’s a general feeling, I haven’t quantitatively measured it!), I no longer need to ‘hack around in the registry’ or hunt around to ‘find the right drivers’, things ‘just work’ and ‘work nicely’.

I have met or talked to a few people who said they tried a Mac and didn’t like it, although this usually turns out to mean they used one for a day or tried one out in an Apple store, or even worse they didn’t try one out themselves they just read someone elses review on one. However I have yet to meet someone who has used a Mac and has taken the time to learn how to use it properly and has then regretted the decision and gone back to Windows.

So, I know that getting an iPhone will mean that it integrates well with my existing setup and my ‘workflow’ (I can’t say I ever really had a ‘workflow’ when I was a Windows user). My contacts, appointments, notes etc will all seamlessly sync between my laptop and the phone, which is exactly what I need (or should that be ‘want’?).

Unfortunately being in the UK it means that I’ll have to wait until close to the end of the year before it arrives over here, the upside is that it gets to be tested in the wild by lots of people in the US before it gets here. Another potential issue is which network provider will pick the iPhone up over here (Apple have partnered with Cingular in the US), it would be nice to have an unlocked device which I can use on any network that I chose without having to sign up for a contract, but we shall see.

6 thoughts on “I want one of those

  1. Patrick Wolf

    Hi John,

    the flash demo where you see how to use it, looks really remarkable. The easy navigation, the screen flipping, the graphic effects…

    Saw it yesterday and had to blog about it immediately. I want to see and test it in real!!!! Want to have one!!!!!! 🙂



  2. John Scott

    Yeah it does look amazing and it’s definitely not a case of ‘style over content’ since it packs a punch too.

    It’ll be interesting to see how it works over here in the UK (since we won’t use Cingular), for example will the ‘random access voicemail’ still work?


  3. Gary

    “However I have yet to meet someone who has used a Mac and has taken the time to learn how to use it properly and has then regretted the decision and gone back to Windows.”

    My sister fits that category. She was working for a dot.com which supplied her with a Mac portable. It went bust (like many dot.coms) and when the machine starting playing up, she replaced it with a Windows laptop. Part of that was, I think, because work supplied the Mac, rather than her choosing it herself. She never ‘bought into’ (with dollars) the Apple path.
    If you are actually prepared to pay the premium for a Mac in the first place, its because you already think it is more valuable than the Windows. I see it sort of like the ‘luxury extras’ for cars. You either think they are worth the money or you don’t.
    Personally, I’ve got a couple of small kids and a lot of preschool type PC games and simply don’t see that range of software available for a Mac, so I won’t even consider it.


  4. John Scott

    Hi Gary,

    Regarding the software situation I’ve actually now completely moved over to Mac versions of the software I used to run under Windows (either Mac versions, or different software entirely which does the same function).

    However, if there are specific programs that you simply can’t live without then you can always use software such as Parallels or VMWare (which should be out soon for OSX) which will allow you to run a Windows virtual PC within OSX, the performance is simply phenomenal and quite often you forget that you’re actually running in a virtual PC since it feels like a ‘dedicated machine’.

    As for the cost aspect, I seriously believe that most software that I buy (and I buy quite a lot) is actually cheaper for the Mac, I’m constantly amazed by the number of independent software developers who are selling great programs for 20-30 USD.


  5. John Scott


    Yes I’m English, I used the word ‘gotten’ because I wanted to. I’m not entirely sure what your point is.

    The word ‘gotten’, whilst not typically used much in English today, is still used widely in many regional dialects, I should know…I grew up in one of those areas where it’s used.



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