APEX Amnesty

I don’t usually like to advertise the services I run on Shellprompt Hosting in this blog, however I’ve had a few emails lately regarding people who are actually using the public Oracle APEX server to run production applications (that’s against one of the few rules that the public Oracle server has).

Well, to try and tempt those people aware from (mis)using the public server, I’ve come up with a couple of new offers, firstly I’m running an amnesty where you can actually try out the services on Shellprompt free for a month to help you to see what the uptime/service/performance etc is like, secondly I’ve dropped the prices for entry level APEX hosting to under 5 UK pounds a month, which depending on the US/UK exchange rate when you read this, could be under 10USD a month.

There are more details available on the Shellprompt site or if anyone has any questions (or suggestions! I’m always open to suggestions), feel free to drop me an email

2 thoughts on “APEX Amnesty

  1. Joel Kallman

    Will you eventually be publishing the list of those people who were running production applications on apex.oracle.com? 😉


  2. John Scott

    I suspect it might be a long list if I did!

    I’m sure there must already be certain applications jumping out at you in the server logs when you look at them 😉



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