Presenting at Collaborate 07

Just like Dimitri Gielis, I also received my confirmation last week that my paper I submitted for the Collaborate 07 event has been accepted by the IOUG Conference Committee.

The paper I will be presenting is –

Session Code: 117
Abstract Title: APEX – Delivering pages in 3 seconds or less (because users don’t like waiting!)
Date: 04/17/2007 / 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

I struggled for quite a while to come up with a title that would sum up what I’m going to present about, one of my first attempts was ‘Application Express in 3 seconds or less’, until someone pointed out that it might seem like I was trying to teach people how to use APEX in less than 3 seconds…so that one was quickly dropped.

There were quite a few different topics that I considered for the presentation, however I eventually decided on something just a little bit different since it’s an area that quite often isn’t considered until your application is deployed (if it’s considered at all!), namely ‘ways in which you can make the application behave better from the users perspective’.

The ‘3 seconds or less’ in the Abstract Title refers to the fact that the longer it takes your website pages to load, the more unsatisfied and frustrated with the website as a whole your users will become.

I’m actually going to present some techniques you can use which can potentially have a huge effect on the usability of your application from the users perspective, not only that they can greatly benefit you as an organisation too, both from a performance, scalability and resourcing aspect.

I really would encourage anyone using APEX to look into some of the techniques I’m going to present because they can *really* make a difference to how your application behaves.

Anyway, Vegas in April….hope to see you there!

6 thoughts on “Presenting at Collaborate 07

  1. John Scott

    Thanks Roel, yeah I’m looking forward to it.

    We’re trying to arrange an APEX meetup like the one we had in San Francisco for OOW so that APEX people can get to meet each other and put names to faces.


  2. John Scott

    Hi Patrick,

    The presentation should be available from the website after the event I believe (I’ll check on that).

    Yes those are exactly the sort of topics I’ve going to be covering 😉


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