8 thoughts on “Now this is scary…

  1. Patrick Wolf

    Hey, cool! Good to see another book about APEX!
    What will it cover? To bad that there is no description available on Amazon…

    Have you already finished all your chapters or are you still writing? 🙂



  2. John Scott

    Hi Patrick,

    I’m not sure whether I’m ‘allowed’ to make the TOC public yet or not (I’ll check and get back to you).

    I can say however that the book is aimed at advanced topics, I’ve approached it from the angle of how to solve ‘real world problems’ with APEX, e.g. ‘I want to do XYZ, how can I do it?”. The book definitely assumes you have a reasonable working knowledge of APEX already, so I don’t have to cover things that are already covered in the Oracle supplied documentation.



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