APEX 3.0 Beta

It’s here!

You can now get access to the Application Express 3.0 beta. There are a huge number of enhancements and new features, such as (but not limited to):

  • PDF Printing
  • Access Migration
  • Flash Charts
  • Drag and Drop Item Layout
  • Improved Web Services
  • New Item Types
  • Calendar Enhancement
  • Supporting Objects Enhancement
  • Page and Region Caching
  • Item Finder Enhancements
  • Application and Schema Comparison
  • Friendly URL Syntax to Facilitate Bookmarks
  • New Password and Account Controls
  • Improved Workspace Management

I’ve only been looking at it for an hour or so now, but I’m extremely impressed. The PDF printing is a huge improvement and should help to solve one of the major questions that people seem to ask.

Well…back to looking at 3.0 now!

One thought on “APEX 3.0 Beta

  1. Patrick Wolf

    Hi John,

    you are so low – just kidding 🙂

    APEX 3.0 looks really nice, the new icons, …

    As Sharon writes in the announcement “Please note, the success of this Application Express 3.0 evaluation depends on user feedback.”

    So folks, come on and start testing and give them lots of feedback, I already did some test yesterday and have also written a few comments for PDF Printing.

    Let’s keep it rolling!



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