Apex Evangelists goes live!

Today Dimitri Gielis and myself are launching Apex Evangelists, we formed the idea for an Application Express services company during one of our many discussions at Oracle Openworld and over the last few months have honed our idea of what we are going to provide.

Apex Evangelists-thumb.jpg

The idea behind Apex Evangelists is that we will use our knowledge and experience of Application Express to provide a range of services, some of which are listed here –

  • Application & Website Development (plus of course hosting)
  • Training & Coaching (onsite and in our European Training Days)
  • Application and Database Migrations
  • Support Services

Our primary goal is to be able to provide these services to the European market and to generally evangelise (hence the name!) about how beneficial using APEX can be to European companies. We also decided that in order to take on bigger projects than just two of us could handle and to also cover more of the European market we would also need to involve other great enthusiastic APEX developers, so we’re pleased to announce that Dietmar Aust, Patrick Wolf, Denes Kubicek will be helping us in our quest.

These are very exciting times and I’m sure that there are busy times ahead!

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