APEX – Delivering Pages in 3 Seconds or Less

When I was at the Collaborate 07 event, I gave a presentation entitled “APEX: Delivering Pages in 3 Seconds or Less (because users don’t like waiting)”, which was a bit of a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ title since APEX is capable of delivering pages much faster than that, but the title is really a reference to how quickly we as end-users (because we’re all end-users of websites) get bored and impatient if we have to wait too long for the page to be rendered after we do something.

The paper covers a couple of techniques you can use with APEX applications which can have huge effects on the scalability, performance and resource requirements for your Application. The two techniques are image caching and webserver compression and in my opinion there is almost no reason why every APEX application shouldn’t be taking advantage of these techniques.

As part of the Collaborate 07 presentation, I had to prepare a Whitepaper which goes into a great deal more detail than I could fit into an hour long presentation. I have subsequently had quite a few requests from people if they could see the Whitepaper, so for anyone who wants to take a look at a couple of techniques that could just make a difference between your application scaling to support more users and errr not scaling….then you can download a copy of the whitepaper here.

10 thoughts on “APEX – Delivering Pages in 3 Seconds or Less


    please may i know what’s going on with the APEX demo server?
    I haven’t been able to access my workspace.
    please could anybody tell me when the server will be up and running.


  2. Michael

    Hi John
    I found a reference to an APEX problem we are facing on our development DB. (ORA-01555 caused by SQL statement below (SQL ID: cp9jr3hp1jupk)
    You have written a whitepaper with solutions to this, but URL is dead! 
    Could you help me, with a copy of your documentation?



  3. Vazir

    Hi John, am facing the same issue. I could not access your whitepaper, URL not found. Can you please share a copy of the document? Thanks. – Vazir.



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