UKOUG 2007

I was right in the middle of trying to decide whether to make an abstract submission for the UKOUG event in December and was coming to the conclusion that I’d ran out of time to think of something to submit, when I spotted they’ve now extended to the deadline for abstract submissions to 1st of June! Which means I now have no excuses for not putting on my thinking cap (a figure of speech…I don’t really have one although some days I might wish that I did) and trying to come up with something that people would find useful.

There are a few things that I’ve learned about presenting so far –

  • It always takes far longer to prepare your presentation (and whitepaper if you need to do one) than you think it will.
  • Linked to the above statement, no matter how early I start to prepare I’ll always end up wishing I’d started a week earlier.
  • The night before the presentation I’ll end up changing a bunch of slides and material anyway.
  • There’s always a fine line between presenting something that *you* find interesting and presenting something that *other people* will find interesting.
  • I’ll invariable forget to pack my mini-DVI cable and won’t be able to hook up my Macbook to the projector until I can ‘borrow’ one from one of the other Macbook carrying presenters.
  • No matter how many cups of water I put under the podium, it will always be one less than I need (am I the only person who finds presenting thirsty work?).

However, I have to say, although presenting can be one of the most nerve-wracking things to do, it is also incredibly rewarding, even just having one person coming up to you after the presentation and asking a question or saying that it was useful to them makes it all worthwhile.

So, it’s thinking cap time again, what abstract can I submit to UKOUG that APEX people would find most useful?

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