VMWare Fusion

I’ve been a long time user of VMWare, so I’m pleased to see that it’s getting closer to the time when we can have VMWare available on OSX. I’ve been using the Beta version of VMWare Fusion for a few weeks and actually prefer it to Parallels, don’t get me wrong though Parallels is a great piece of software and I’d be lost without it (even though I made the ‘switch’ to Mac a couple of years ago now there are still a few Windows apps that I need to use from time to time).

I also noticed that VMware is running a special deal at the moment where you can pre-order Fusion and save yourself 50% off the list price, which is a pretty good deal and I’ll definitely be signing up for it.

2 thoughts on “VMWare Fusion

  1. John Scott

    Hi Michael,

    You don’t seem to be able to do that currently (with the Beta), but I’m pretty sure that will be a desirable feature for most people, particularly since Parallels lets you import from Virtual PC images.

    Hopefully it will be added into one of the Beta releases, or perhaps in the GA version in September.




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