Clearing out the cupboards

I had a bit of a ‘spring clean’ in my study this afternoon…ok, it wasn’t so much a spring clean as trying to find somewhere to put some CD’s that wasn’t already full. I found a couple of old CDs that I got from OTN a few years back.

Oracle WebDB 2.2

The first CD was Oracle WebDB version 2.2 for Linux, which is often (but incorrectly) referred to as one of the first incarnations of Application Express. There is a good description of the history of Application Express here.

I first used WebDB on a project many many years back and thought it was absolutely fantastic (well, it was for the time anyway), sure it has some quirks and didn’t always work the way you wanted it, but it was a very advanced product for its time and I enjoyed using it.

The second CD was a bit of a surprise, considering I would hardly consider myself as having had much to do with JDeveloper, but apparently at some point OTN sent me a CD of JDeveloper 3.1 (for Windows NT).

JDeveloper 3.1

I do remember having a look at JDeveloper back then, but never really ‘got into it’ that much (it was more of an R&D exercise rather than using it on a project).

Now that I have tools like Parallels and VMware it might be ‘fun’ one day to resurrect an old Windows NT or Linux build and install these old tools just to see how they compare with todays offerings.

It’s amazing what you find when you’re not looking for something.

One thought on “Clearing out the cupboards

  1. Flavio

    Hello John, i’ve got those two discs too!

    You know, there is that saying like “a thing becomes indispensable 5 minutes after disposing of it and i can witness that is absolutely true.

    You may want to store those disc somewhere before dumping them!




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