OOW 2007 Call for Papers?

Since I caught the ‘presenting bug’ after presenting at Collaborate 07 and I could not attend the ODTUG Kaleidoscope event which kicks off in the next few days, my thoughts turned to OOW 2007 (I’ve already submitted an extra to the UKOUG event in December 2007).

I was a bit surprised to find that there didn’t appear to be a ‘Call For Papers’ for OOW, even though the OOW Event is before the UKOUG event (which has already closed the CFP). Unless I’m mistaken, it looks like OOW stopped doing a ‘public CFP’ a few years ago and now you need to be invited to submit a paper (a previous presenter, Oracle Partner etc).

It’s a bit of a shame as I would have loved to present something about Application Express at OOW, since it’s the biggest event of it’s kind and I really enjoyed being at OOW last year (it seems so long ago now!). The interest in Application Express at OOW 2006 was great, there were some really enthusiastic people and we had a great time with the APEX SIG meetings, there were also some great APEX presentations.

So, unless someone knows differently, it doesn’t like I’m going to be able to submit something for OOW, so I hope my UKOUG submission is accepted!

6 thoughts on “OOW 2007 Call for Papers?

  1. APC


    Last year the call for Papers was extended to the ACEs too, but I only found out about it at the last minute. Still, they accpeted my paper, and that’s what matters 😉

    Cheers, APC


  2. John Scott

    Hi Andrew,

    Hmmm, so did you get an invite as an ACE or did you just find the place to submit to by investigation/accident?



  3. APC

    Hi John

    It was mentioned in some bulk email from OTN. I have sent Vicky an email to find out if they’re going to do it this year, and if so, when the deadline is. I’ll let you know if I get a reply.

    Cheers, APC


  4. Shay

    I think the way you can get a session in is through the allocation provided for the user group papers. So you can submit through groups such as IOUG and ODTUG.


  5. Shyam Varan Nath

    The last time Oracle had an open CFP for OOW was 2003. Since then it is by invitation only. However, on the Sunday before OOW, is the Users Group/SIG day and the groups like IOUG, OAUG etc are invited to recommend speakers for the same. I spoke at 2003 OOW via the open OOW and then at 2006 via the BIWA SIG. This year there is a BIWA track of 4 presentations on Nov 11 (Sunday) and my slot is at 1:00PM. If you are around, hope to see you there…



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