11g and APEX

The blog aggregators and RSS feeds are bursting at the seams today with news of the 11g download on OTN. Like lots of others I first spotted the news on Eddie Awads blog (link to the original article here), I don’t know how he manages it, but Eddie usually manages to be amongst the first (if not *the* first) to blog about scoops like this, so thank you Eddie, otherwise I would have waited a few more hours before noticing it!

So, like everyone else who has been waiting for this, I grabbed the download and ran through it to check it out. So far I’ve obviously only scratched the surface of all the new 11g goodness, but I had an ulterior motive….because out of every screen during the installation I was looking for this one:

11g and APEX

How cool is that? Application Express is now installed as part of the 11g installation. No longer do you have to go off and download it yourself, it’s there, pre-installed and ready to use in 11g. This is going to open up a potentially *huge* market for APEX of companies and people who weren’t even aware of what APEX is, but now that it is pre-installed it is there for them to use (and love using!).

Another huge leap forward for Application Express!

One thought on “11g and APEX

  1. Michael A. Rife

    Look at the version of Oracle Application Express listed. It shows instead of 3.0.1. Now won’t that be confusing?




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