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APEX Sessions at UKOUG 2007

Following my last post about presenting at UKOUG, I checked out some of the other APEX related sessions at UKOUG and it looks like there are going to be some very interesting APEX sessions to try and catch.

Obviously I already know Dimitri, but it will be a good opportunity to meet some of the other active APEX community members who blog about APEX and contribute to the APEX OTN forum, such as Peter Lorenzen and Anthony Rayner and the others.

I’m looking forward to it already and we’ll also probably try and arrange an APEX meetup at UKOUG just like we’re doing at Oracle Openworld.

Presenting at UKOUG 2007

I’m very happy that my submission for UKOUG conference was accepted (a while ago, but only now got the time to blog about it!).

The title of my presentation is “Debugging APEX Applications”, which is a bit of a misleading title as I won’t be showing you how to find syntax errors in your code, but rather it’s aimed at trying to locate and diagnose performance problems in your applications (perhaps that would have been a better title! Ahh well…too late now).

This is my first presentation at UKOUG and I’m very much looking forward to it, I’ve included details about the date/time/abstract below:

Presentation abstract: Application Express makes it incredibly easy to create applications, but what happens if you have a performance issue in your application? How do you track it down the cause of the problem? This session will cover all the different tools at your disposal to detect, diagnose and fix those problems!
Presentation begins: 05/12/2007 11:20
Presentation duration: 60
Presentation content level: 2 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: Experienced (2-3 years)
Audience function: DBA’s, Developers

Apex Evangelists Becomes an Oracle Partner

Well the title has pretty much given it away, but Apex Evangelists, the company I formed along with Dimitri Gielis has just become an Oracle Partner.

Apex Evangelists Oracle Partnership

I’m incredibly proud that in a relatively short space of time we’ve managed to make Apex Evangelists well known in the Application Express development, consulting and training field. We also wanted to show how serious we are about our professionalism and enthusiasm for the Application Express product that we became Oracle partners to help us to push the Application Express market-share even more.

As far as we’re aware, Apex Evangelists is the first Application Express specific company to become an Oracle Partner (unless you know different?), sure there are other companies out there who are Oracle partners who offer APEX services, however we are the only company who 100% specialise in APEX, so it’s very nice to now see that little “Oracle Partner” logo on our website.

OOW 2007 APEX Meetup

It’s that time of the year again, with OpenWorld just around the corner, so Dimitri Gielis and myself are trying to arrange an APEX Meetup again like we did last year.

If you’re interested in coming along to the Meetup, we made a simple application (APEX of course) where you can say which days are best for you (and we’ll go with the most popular day).

Openworld APEX Meetup Application

You can register your interest in the Meetup here.

Hope to see you there!

APEX Podcast

Scott Spendolini, together with Jeff Erickson from Oracle Magazine has just released a Podcast discussing the benefits of Application Express 3.0.

It’s a very interesting quick intro to anyone who isn’t familiar with APEX, or anyone who has heard about it but isn’t quite sure how it would fit into their workflow.

I’ll resist adding to the ‘British English’ versus ‘Regular English’ comment 😉

Apex Evangelists go head-to-head!

In my previous post, I listed the Application Express sessions that are going on at Oracle OpenWorld this year.

However, what I didn’t point out that there is a bit of a conflict on the final day:


That’s right, both Dimitri Gielis and myself are both presenting at exactly the same time! Dimitri is a great friend and also a co-Director of Apex Evangelists, so I’m *really* dissapointed that we won’t be able to sit in each others sessions as we usually do.

I appreciate that it’s difficult to schedule something like OpenWorld without having related sessions that clash/overlap with each other. However since APEX has relatively few sessions when compared with other technologies we never even thought about it until we received the session times. We did try and get one of our sessions moved, however trying to reschedule an OOW session is almost impossible once the schedule has been drawn up (honestly, we tried everything!).

So, what to do? Which one should you go to (assuming you want to see *either* of them!). Well, if it makes it easier, the presentation I’m giving on Thursday (I’m also presenting on the Sunday by the way!) is pretty much the same one I gave at Collaborate 07, so if you saw it there then I guess you don’t really need to see it again!

Seriously though, there’s no ‘competition’ between Dimitri and me, but it is a shame that with all the combinations and permutations possible, we ended up presenting at the same time. It will also be particularly difficult since we’re presenting the night after the ‘big’ OOW party!

APEX Sessions at OpenWorld

Today I thought I would finally get round to going through the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 schedule builder and plan which sessions I’m going to try and attend.

I noticed that there are quite a few Application Express related sessions this year –






If I’ve missed any out, please let me know, but otherwise looks like quite a good turnout from the APEX people at OpenWorld this year.

I’m definitely looking forward to it even more now!