Apex Evangelists go head-to-head!

In my previous post, I listed the Application Express sessions that are going on at Oracle OpenWorld this year.

However, what I didn’t point out that there is a bit of a conflict on the final day:


That’s right, both Dimitri Gielis and myself are both presenting at exactly the same time! Dimitri is a great friend and also a co-Director of Apex Evangelists, so I’m *really* dissapointed that we won’t be able to sit in each others sessions as we usually do.

I appreciate that it’s difficult to schedule something like OpenWorld without having related sessions that clash/overlap with each other. However since APEX has relatively few sessions when compared with other technologies we never even thought about it until we received the session times. We did try and get one of our sessions moved, however trying to reschedule an OOW session is almost impossible once the schedule has been drawn up (honestly, we tried everything!).

So, what to do? Which one should you go to (assuming you want to see *either* of them!). Well, if it makes it easier, the presentation I’m giving on Thursday (I’m also presenting on the Sunday by the way!) is pretty much the same one I gave at Collaborate 07, so if you saw it there then I guess you don’t really need to see it again!

Seriously though, there’s no ‘competition’ between Dimitri and me, but it is a shame that with all the combinations and permutations possible, we ended up presenting at the same time. It will also be particularly difficult since we’re presenting the night after the ‘big’ OOW party!

4 thoughts on “Apex Evangelists go head-to-head!

  1. Tim Hall

    It’s not a popularity contest, but we should take the mickey out of the person who gets the least people. I suggest making bold public statements about freebies to increase your numbers.

    All I can say is, it’s a good job I don’t need advanced PDF documents in under 3 seconds, or I would be really scuppered. πŸ™‚




  2. John Scott


    As if I would resort to such ‘cheap’ tactics….

    Now where did I put all those promotional mousemats, USB keys and Wifi Detectors?



  3. John Scott

    Hi Michael,

    Yes, funnily enough Dimitri and I were discussing that the other day, we’re going to put another ‘pick your favorite day’ poll like we did last time so we can get a feel for when is best for everyone.

    I’ll post back on here when we put it online (it should be quite soon).




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