Apex Evangelists Becomes an Oracle Partner

Well the title has pretty much given it away, but Apex Evangelists, the company I formed along with Dimitri Gielis has just become an Oracle Partner.

Apex Evangelists Oracle Partnership

I’m incredibly proud that in a relatively short space of time we’ve managed to make Apex Evangelists well known in the Application Express development, consulting and training field. We also wanted to show how serious we are about our professionalism and enthusiasm for the Application Express product that we became Oracle partners to help us to push the Application Express market-share even more.

As far as we’re aware, Apex Evangelists is the first Application Express specific company to become an Oracle Partner (unless you know different?), sure there are other companies out there who are Oracle partners who offer APEX services, however we are the only company who 100% specialise in APEX, so it’s very nice to now see that little “Oracle Partner” logo on our website.

2 thoughts on “Apex Evangelists Becomes an Oracle Partner

  1. John Scott

    Hi Mike,

    There are three different levels of Partnership, Member Partner, Certified Partner and Certified Advantage Partner. We have started at the Member Partner level which means we pay a chunk of money to Oracle and have a Partner Manager assigned to us so we can get our name ‘out there’ in the Oracle Partner network. This level of partnership makes sense for us right now.

    We do plan to move up to Certified Partner soon however, which involves some license sales (to our clients etc), OCP certification and some other qualification criteria.

    You can find out a bit more information about partnership levels from the Oracle Partner site –





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