OOW Apex Meetup

I posted a while ago that Dimitri and I would be trying to arrange an Apex Meetup at OpenWorld.

We created a simple Apex App for people to register which night was their preferred night and it was a close tie between Monday and Tuesday, so we flipped a coin and thought that monday was the best choice.

So, the ‘official Unofficial Apex Meetup’ is now Monday 12th November at the “4th Street Bar & Deli” (it’s just next to the Moscone), at 7pm. It’s on the same night as the OTN night, so you can come along, have a drink and a chat with some like-minded Apex people before heading to the OTN night.

Hope to see you there (and say hello!).

2 thoughts on “OOW Apex Meetup

  1. Carl Backstrom

    Ah that coin made a good choice, because that place has great TV’s and it’s Monday night football time!

    And at least Joel loves the football.

    American Football that is 😉

    Yeah that’s right I doubled up on comments 🙂



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