OOW07 – 2 Days to Go


Once again, it’s time for Oracle Openworld, myself and around 40,000+ other people are descending on San Francisco for what promises to be (and certainly didn’t dissapoint last year) a very fun, enjoyable and rewarding 4 days of Oracle conferencing, socialising and networking.

My journey started pretty early, having to catch a flight from Manchester down to Heathrow airport, where I met Dimitri (planned..not accidentally), since we planned to use the time for the long flight over to work on some things and also it helps to have someone to chat to to make the (very long) journey seem a bit shorter.

I have to say that we definitely ‘scored’ with the British Airways flight to San Francisco as we were sitting at the back of the plane and there were 4 rows of the 4 seats which were completely empty, meaning that we immediately ‘commandeered’ one of the rows of 4 seats allowing us to really stretch out (always good when you’re trying to use a laptop on a plane), then later on we had the luxury of both having 4 seats to stretch out across and have a nap. Perhaps we should now expect a really bad flight back, but we definitely couldn’t complain with the flight over.

It still seems a little quiet in San Francisco, although I remember from last year that most people tend to arrive on Sunday and Monday and then it gets *really* busy. I do think it’s nice to arrive a couple of days earlier (particularly when travelling from Europe) to get over some of the jetlag (I’m writing this at 5am, having woken up fully awake…c’est la vie) and to have a bit of ‘free time’ to look round San Francisco, since when OOW officially opens you tend to spend most of the time racing between the Moscone Centre, the Hilton Hotel and a few other places.

After checking into our hotels (King George for Dimitri, Hilton for me, but they’re literally just round the corner from each other), we freshened up and then went out to grab something to eat , drink and relax.

A bit later on we met up with Patrick Wolf and headed for a few beers and a bit more to eat (seeing a pattern here?), sorry we didn’t take any pics (most unlike us I know! But I’m sure over the next few days we’ll make up for that). It was good to catch up with Patrick as we’ve chatted online and mailed each other many times, but it was the first time we’ve actually met.

I have to apologize to Dimitri and Patrick though, as around 9:30pm my eyelids were starting to drop lower and lower and I was the first of the three of us to declare “Time for bed”, but having been at OOW last year I know what lies ahead in terms of late nights and entertainment, so I wanted to try and get back into a ‘normal’ sleep pattern before it all begins!

One thought on “OOW07 – 2 Days to Go

  1. Ontario Emperor

    Congratulations on having a near-empty back of the plane for your flight over! I didn’t know that such things existed any more.

    All of the Americans that I know will be arriving at OpenWorld on Sunday. The Oracle Partner Network sessions, for example, will be held on that day.

    Right now I’m at home in Southern California, enjoying my last day of normalcy before the madness that will take place starting tomorrow morning.



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