Gotta love jetlag

Jetlag really is a wonderful thing, on the one hand it makes you want to go to bed at times that would make a 5 year-old throw a tantrum, but on the other hand you get to wake up wide-awake regularly as clockwork at 4am in the morning (Groundhog day anyone?). Whilst this might seem like a downside, it’s actually great for productivity as it means I can catch up with some work-related things while the rest of the ‘sensible world’ is still sleeping.

Although, I do suspect that my next door neighbours (on both sides of my room) in the hotel must be from roughly the same part of the world as me since this morning we all pretty much decided at the same time that 4am was a perfectly reasonable time to have a shower in the morning. I’m sure this happened last year too.

I did have a bit of a mini-heart attack earlier (it’s odd saying ‘earlier today’ when it’s only 5am) when I decided to once again check my demos for my presentation today. I went to fire up my Virtual Machine and it wouldn’t start, it couldn’t even be found…it had completely vanished.

I resisted the temptation to book the first flight out of San Francisco and took the next logical step…walking downstairs to grab a Starbucks coffee to give me time to think what could have possibly happened (rather than making the situation worse by randomly trying things).

I walked back into my room, coffee in hand, and within about 10 seconds immediately solved the problem. I’d forgotten to plugin my external hard-drive that I use to run my VMs from.

I guess that’s another downside to jetlag…forgetting to do obvious things!

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