OOW07 – 1 Day to Go

Registration for OOW began today (saturday) and if you are already in San Francisco then it’s a good idea to register before the crowds build up on sunday and monday.

Quiet Openworld

As you can see, it’s not that busy yet (although the Moscone building is so big it can hold a lot of people and you still don’t feel as though you’re sitting on each others eyebrows).

As usual with OOW, you get a nice ‘goodie bag’ (I really don’t know what to do with all the laptop bags I’m collecting at the moment), filled with the usual array of CDs/DVDs, USB Pendrives and other nice toys, although perhaps the most useful gift in it yesterday was the umbrella since OOW is a couple of weeks later this year than it was last year (which had great weather), this year it doesn’t look as though it will be anywhere near as nice weather as it absolutely poured down yesterday, but fortunately Oracle seem to have once again commandeered every coach in the US so you can simply hop on one and get to most of the hotels.

After registering, Dimitri and I did a bit of walking around (and shopping since the US exchange rate is *very* favourable to us Europeans at the moment) for a bit more relaxation before the conference starts.

Later in the evening we met up with Patrick Wolf for a drink in the King George bar, then unfortunately for me it was quite an early finish back to my room to prepare for my presentation on ‘Debugging APEX‘ tomorrow (always have to check those little gremlins haven’t broken your demos since the last time you checked them!).

It’s quite a busy day for APEX sessions tomorrow (Sunday), I posted the schedule a while ago but I’d forgotten myself that there were so many on the first day. One tip I learned from last year is to always get a copy of the daily bulletin paper to check for changed sessions (times/locations/cancellations etc), to save you having to run between buildings at the last minute. Fortunately most of the APEX sessions tomorrow seem to be in the same building, which is definitely a good thing if the weather is as bad as it was today.

Well..better go and check those demos once last time!

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