OOW07 – Day 4

I had a sleep in this morning…5:15am, perhaps the jetlag is finally wearing off.

It was a bit of a lazy start to the day, catching up with some work before heading to the Keynote speech by Michael Dell, followed by Larry Ellison. I actually thought the speech by Michael Dell wasn’t too bad, in terms of it wasn’t a hard sales selling type of presentation and Michael Dell is a pretty confident presenter.

What surprised me was that during the speech by Larry, at one point about 200 (or perhaps more) people left, which seemed a bit bizarre to me. They had come to Oracle OpenWorld, where everything revolves around Oracle and they walk out during the speech by Larry. I really did wonder where else they had to go that was more important? A few people leaving I could understand, but it was a very large number of people…weird. Even if his speech had been terrible (it wasn’t), I would have stayed through it all just because I’d want to hear what was said.

One thing I did think was good was that Larry takes an open-floor Q&A session at the end of his speech, which is pretty brave when you consider he could easily duck out of it since nobody would really expect him to do it. There was one pretty strange question where the person seemed to be under the illusion that whenever they bought something from Microsoft that the money (or some of it) went to charity (I’m paraphrasing the question), but Larry quickly put the guy right on that one (to the merriment of the audience).

Then I raced over to a session by Barry McGillin on Migration using SQL Developer, it was a good presentation showing just how powerful SQL Developer is becoming (or rather getting more and more powerful all the time). I think we need more sessions like this where people see live demos of an end-to-end process (in this case how easy it is to migrate data from a SQL Server database to Oracle in minutes).


Tonight was the BIG Appreciation party over at the Cow Palace, with Billy Joel, Lenny Kravitz and Stevie Nicks. Dimitri and I were walking out of the Hilton to catch the coach when we bumped into Doug Burns who had been queueing up for the coach at the front of the Hilton until we pointed out the coach was probably around the corner (don’t worry Doug…we’ll put that one down to Jetlag).

The queue for the coach was horrendous, but luckily as we walked past I was literally grabbed by David Peake who was already in the queue with the other Oracle APEX developers and they very kindly let us join them at the head of the queue. David is definitely the ‘man to know’ as he is probably the only person at Openworld who was able to get some extra tickets for the event, I’m not sure exactly what he had to to do get those tickets, but I’m guessing some sort of pact with the Devil wouldn’t be far off the mark.

Having been at the Appreciation Event last year (when Elton John was starring), I was a bit more prepared for the extravagance this year, but it’s still extremely impressive just how much free food and drink there is, especially the quality of the food (i.e. it would be so easy to do cheap mass catered).


The cow palace is such a big place you don’t really get a feel for how many people are there until you enter the main arena, and then you get to see just how many people are attending the Openworld event (even though all of them aren’t in the main arena there are still people everywhere you look).


I don’t know that many Billy Joel songs, but I have to admit he put on a pretty good show (maybe not my kind of music, but he certainly had most of the crowd bopping along).


I managed to bump into Chris Muir whom I’ve had a couple of forum/blog spats with in the past due to a difference in opinion between development environments, however I have to say that Chris is a really nice guy to chat to and we quickly buried the hatchet and had a good old chat.

Dimitri and I wandered around a bit, catching some of Lenny Kravitz and Stevie Nicks, I thought that I’d probably enjoy Lenny more than Billy Joel, but maybe I caught Lenny at a bad point as some of his music seemed a bit ‘self-indulgent’ (hard to describe really…but it was more like he was playing for himself rather than the audience…to me anyway).



Then, after perhaps one beer too many, it was time to head back since tomorrow was my final presentation…

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