Post OOW – Decompression Day

Like last year, I decided to spend an extra day in San Francisco before heading home, it’s good to unwind from all that OOW hecticness before catching that oh-so-long flight home.

I caught up with Dimitri, Patrick Wolf and Carl Backstrom for breakfast in the diner next door to the King George hotel, if you ever find yourself in there I have to recommend the Eggs Benedict, absolutely gorgeous.

We all had a good old chat and then it was time for Patrick to catch his flight home, so afterwards Carl very kindly showed Dimitri and me some of the sights of San Francisco (since he lived here for a while). I’ve been to San Francisco a few times before, but I have to say Carls ‘tour guide’ experience is highly recommended! He showed us some things that you wouldn’t probably find in most tourist guides (no, not *those* sort of things).

We also wound up heading over to the Vesuvio’s Bar (a favourite hang-out of Jack Kerouac) and it’s a really nice place to grab a couple of beers on the top floor and look at the world rolling by outside.

Carl then took us to what he said was the best chinese food place in San Francisco (high praise indeed), but he forewarned us that whilst the food was great, not to expect overly friendly service. The place was called Nan King and I have to say I’ve never eaten such good chinese food before and probably never will again (until next years OOW that is!), the service was pretty much as Carl described it, very much ‘come in…sit down…order…eat…pay…leave’, no time for small-talk with the staff, but the food was absolutely superb. Gotta thank Carl again for taking us there, it was one of the good memories I’ll take back from San Francisco.

I didn’t take any pictures of the place or the food, but while we were there Carl sent some pics to his family to make them jealous, literally just a few seconds after sending the pics, he was getting replies from his friends and family, *that* is how good the food is.

After Carl had to leave to catch his flight, Dimitri and I walked off some of the food, did a bit more sight-seeing and shopping then feeling desperate in need of some coffee and a snack we headed over to the Cheesecake Factory and overloaded ourselves once again with american sized portions of sugar and caffeine..just what we needed as our energy was starting to flag again.

By then it was time to head back to the hotels, to grab some beers in the bar, chat about the whole OOW experience and to discuss some business plans and ideas we had while we were over here.

Tomorrow…the long flight awaits…let’s see if we can grab 4 seats each again like we did on the way out, although given the coverage on the news at the moment about how many people are travelling for Thanksgiving, I’m expecting the airport to be a busy place (even if the flight back home isn’t).

p.s. full credit for the ‘decompression day’ title goes to Carl, he said that phrase and I thought it was a great way to summarise just how we all felt after being immersed in the whole ‘OOW’ for the last few days.

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