Application Express 3.1 just went public (evaluation)

If you were at Oracle Openworld and saw the APEX 3.1 demo in the booths then you’ll definitely want to try it out yourself too, if you weren’t at OOW then trust me, you’ll definitely want to try it out anyway, some of the new features are just awesome (in the common day sense of the word anyway).

Pop along to the registration page and you can sign up for an account on the 3.1 evaluation instance, but make sure that you use the feedback application to let the Oracle folks know of any issues that you find (that is the point of the evaluation after all!).

Some of the new features in 3.1 are (taken from the Statement of Direction) –

  • Interactive reporting region types which natively integrate Web 2.0 features to filter, break, sort data, etc.
  • Improved PDF report layout
  • Enhanced print attributes allowing for more control of PDF document structures
  • Optional runtime-only installation, which will install the minimum number of database objects and grant the minimum number of privileges to run Application Express applications in a production environment
  • PL/SQL API to manage a runtime installation of Application Express
  • Documented and supported Application Express JavaScript libraries
  • Improved calendar region type supporting AJAX requests
  • New PL/SQL API to send attachments in e-mail
  • Enhanced integration with Oracle SQL Developer for MS Access to Application Express migration

Now, let’s just see how long it is before someone posts in the APEX forum to ask when 4.0 will be ready πŸ˜‰

One thought on “Application Express 3.1 just went public (evaluation)

  1. David Peake


    Hope everyone likes all the new features.

    Please don’t go giving people ideas about asking when 4.0 will be out πŸ™‚
    We are so busy with 3.1 development at the moment we probably won’t answer anyway!

    Happy testing and please provide your comments through the feedback application.




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