It’s a nice short walk from the hotel to the conference centre, but it’s also a nice scenic one walking along the canal.


Today I started off with “Oracle SQL Developer Latest Features” by Sue Harper, SQL Developer is a fantastic (and free!) tool that is becoming more and more tightly integrated with Application Express and I would encourage any APEX developers who aren’t using SQL Developer to try it out. There were some great tips and features on display here and after speaking to Kris Rice at OpenWorld there are plenty more to come I’m sure.

After a quick coffee break, it was time for a session very close to my own feelings on the subject, i.e. “Harvesting the Advantages of a Database Centric Development Approach” by Toon Koppelaars. This session in a nutshell was a breakdown of why you should almost always want to place your logic in the database because frontends (and front-end development tools) come and go, but the database and your data remain constant throughout. I’m very much ‘on message’ with Toon about this (hence my evangelism about APEX as a development tool). An excellent presentation and I was pleased to meet Toon in person after having swapped quite a few emails with each other over the last few months.

Next up it was another APEX session – “Building the Rich User Interface with Oracle Application Express and AJAX” by Anthony Rayner. Anthony is one of those APEX people who blog frequently and post very frequently in the forums, so I was looking forward to meeting him in person and seeing/hearing him present. The session was a good technical session on how to use AJAX in your applications to make the end-user experience much more rewarding (I’m definitely with Anthony on that one, it’s all very well designing an application that *you* like, but it’s whether the end-users like using it that matters!).

Unfortunately Anthony had a bit of a nightmare at the start when the projector didn’t seem to be working. From experience I know that it doesn’t exactly do your confidence any good when something like that happens right before you start. However, it happens to every presenter at some point (probably my turn for something to go wrong tomorrow!), however Anthony recovered well and the presentation managed to start more or less on time.

I mentioned to Anthony afterwards that he could have perhaps done with a longer time-slot, given the amount of technical information he was trying to convey (that’s not a criticism of Anthony, just that I know how difficult it is to present a lot of information in a relatively short space of time).

After lunch I caught the next session by Jonathan Lewis on “Understanding Statspack”, once again another Masterclass Presentation by Jonathan full of tips gathered from his extensive knowledge of the subject.

I had planned to visit one last session before the close of the day, but once again work beckoned and I ended up getting side-lined.

Tomorrow it’s a busy ‘APEX Day’, with –

  • Programming Real Applications with APEX – Andrew Woodward
  • Debugging APEX Applications – Me!
  • APEX Roundtable – Jeremy Duggan, Dimitri Gielis, Anthony Rayner
  • BI Publisher & APEX – Dimitri Gielis

I still can’t believe my session is scheduled to be in Hall 1…surely that can’t be right? Someone, somewhere has made a mistake (me?!).

Tomorrow should be interesting…I guess I’d better make sure my demos work!

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