UKOUG 2007 – Feedback results are in

A nice email popped into my Inbox today to let me know that the feedback results are in for the UKOUG 2007 conference at which I presented Debugging APEX Applications back in December (it seems so long ago now!).

I was in two minds whether to blog about my ‘results’, since on the one hand if the results were good it could be seen as ‘boasting’, on the other hand if the results were bad then it wouldn’t exactly spur anyone on to sign up for our Advanced APEX training in March next year!

However, I noticed that Marco Gralike has also blogged about his results, so at least I’m not the first (or only one!), plus I think it’s nice to nice to compare how you think it went with how the audience thought it went.

So, on with the results –

Main scores are:

  • 1 – Poor
  • 2 – Below Average
  • 3 – Average
  • 4 – Good
  • 5 – Very Good
  • 6 – Excellent

The Length of Session scores are:

  • 1 – Too short
  • 2 – Just right,
  • 3 – Too long.

My Scores:

  • Topic evaluation average: 5.8
  • Content evaluation average: 5.8
  • Presentation Skills evaluation average: 5.8
  • Quality of Slides evaluation average: 5.7
  • Value of Presentation evaluation average: 5.8
  • Length of Session evaluation average: 1.52

I was amazed at the feedback scores, I felt the presentation went well (overall I felt confident doing it and there were no major hiccups during it besides one demo which I hopefully managed to ‘workaround’ without anyone noticing too much!), but it is great to see that the audience felt it went very well too.

I’ve blogged a couple of times before that I find it very difficult to sometimes tell if the material I’m presenting is useful or whether the levels is pitched right for the audience and really feedback forms like this are pretty much the best way to find that out, since people can be much more honest in an ‘anonymous form’ than the sometimes are to your ‘face’ afterwards.

As for the Length of session score (1.52, remember that’s out of 3 not out of 6 unlike the other scores!), I was actually happy to get that too considering that originally this was a 90 minute presentation that I had to chop down to fit into 60 minutes. I had a couple of choices here I could have either left out some of the sub-topics I was covering, or I could have reduced the level of detail I went into for each sub-topic.

In the end I decided that I couldn’t really lose any sections, since I wanted to cover as many different debugging tools and methods that you can use in APEX, but went for the ‘reduce the level of detail slightly’ approach. However I was still being extremely optimistic in trying to fit in all the information in the time allowed. I actually just overran by about 1 minute (which was about 20 minutes less than I thought I’d overrun by!).

Some of the feedback comments were very nice too including –

  • “Loads of useful tips”
  • “Best presentation I have seen all week. Many thanks.”
  • “Fantastic – great debug tips. More, more, more.”
  • “Excellent presentation.”

They weren’t all good though! I’m slightly intrigued by the comment –

  • “Felt that he could have he could have been more forward facing.”

I’m not entirely sure what to take from that one!

So, all in all, I’m extremely pleased with that, now I just need to prepare for the next set of presentations (Collaborate 08 and the APEX Evangelists Advanced APEX Training in March). They come around so quickly!

5 thoughts on “UKOUG 2007 – Feedback results are in

  1. Marco Gralike

    John, well done!

    …and btw your site is beautiful when seen via a WII console [tv]…(this is also my first test entry, trying to use the wii internet console = geek stuff, i know…)


  2. DigitalMonk


    I have heard good things on the various blogs about your Debugging APEX Applications presentation.

    For those of us that are “budget impaired”, is there any place where one could go to get a download of the presentation?




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