8 Things…my turn

Well, the craze at the moment is the whole ‘8 things’ thing and whilst I heartily agree with Howard about the potential this has for making the aggregators work overtime, it would be rude (and very bah-humbug) to not take my turn after being tagged by Tim Hall.

So my turn for 8 things about me –

  • I’m a very keen scuba diver and was taught to scuba dive by a french ex-Special Forces instructor, my first dive-buddy was an ex-KGB agent (seriously).
  • I’ve almost been ‘lost at sea’ twice whilst diving. The first time the dive boat hit some shallow rocks cracking the hull (luckily we made it back to shore before the flooding got too severe), the second time due to strong currents we surfaced well away from the dive boat and spent the next few hours bobbing around aimlessly waiting to be found.
  • As a child I always wanted to be an Airforce Pilot, right up till the first time I saw a computer, the rest is history as they say…
  • I took a year out before going to University and worked on a building site. I loved the job immensely, however working outdoors in Newcastle in winter when the rain is so heavy you can’t see 10 feet ahead has now made me appreciate just how ‘cushy’ working in an office is, despite how much we ‘IT people’ might complain about our jobs, we should be thankful that we can still feel our fingers and toes when it gets cold outside.
  • When I went to University, I was the first ever male to register in the Hall of Residence where I stayed as it was previously an all-female Hall and it was the first year they were allowing men to stay (from memory around 300 women and 18 men).
  • The only food that I absolutely hate is turnip. Can’t stand the stuff, you can’t make me change my mind on that one.
  • I usually can’t watch old films that are in black & white, no matter how good they’re supposed to be.
  • I proposed to my wife (or then fiance) in the gardens of the Palace of Versailles.

As Howard points out this is almost a pyramid scheme blogging craze, so there aren’t that many people for me to nominate as ‘next’, so rather than going for 8 people I’ll just go for two Flavio Casetta and Carl Backstrom it’s your turn!

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