APEX 3.1 goes live

If you didn’t catch it yet, the Oracle team behind Application Express have been working hard (as always!) and have just released APEX 3.1

There are some incredibly cool features in 3.1, such as (from the SoD):

  • Interactive reporting region types which natively integrate Web 2.0 features to filter, break, sort data, etc.</li
  • Improved PDF report layout
  • Enhanced print attributes allowing for more control of PDF document structures
  • Optional runtime-only installation, which will install the minimum number of database objects and grant the minimum number of privileges to run Application Express applications in a production environment
  • PL/SQL API to manage a runtime installation of Application Express
  • Documented and supported Application Express JavaScript libraries
  • Improved calendar region type supporting AJAX requests
  • New PL/SQL API to send attachments in e-mail
  • Enhanced integration with Oracle SQL Developer for MS Access to Application Express migration

I’ve just tried a couple of test installs and have it up and running on my laptop, so far it’s delivered everything it promised!

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