First ever APEX 3.1 Training?

These last few weeks we have been doing some Beginner APEX training classes for some companies here in the UK (APEX is certainly becoming more popular here in the UK).

Now, I am quite risk averse when it comes to updating software, especially when I’m going to be demoing or training in the near future. However when APEX 3.1 became available a week ago (on the friday evening), I knew I had to download it and play around with it. I’d previously tried it out on the Beta evaluation provided by Oracle, however it’s still not the same as having it on your own machines.

My test upgrades went smoothly, but I also had a dilemma, did I dare risk using 3.1 for a training session I was doing on the monday (giving me just 48 hours or so to test it all worked nicely).

Well call me stupid or call me brave, but I decided that the risks were outweighed by the rewards and I decided to upgrade my ‘presentation’ instance to 3.1 (after taking a backup of course!).

Roll forward to monday and the start of the 3-day training session, it was my first time to demo (in the wild, so to speak) the new 3.1 features to an audience. Bear in mind this was beginner level training to people who hadn’t even used APEX before, so as far as they were concerned *all* the features were new.

However, I needn’t have worried, APEX 3.1 was extremely stable and the new features in 3.1 (particularly interactive reports and the declarative blob support) went down extremely well with the attendees.

Once again, by the middle of the 3-day course a couple of the attendees had downloaded XE and one person was trying to upgrade their XE to use APEX 3.1 (they ran into a few problems but I helped to sort those out).

By the way, I put ‘First APEX 3.1 Training’ with a trailing question mark, since as far as I’m aware this was probably the first training course which 3.1 has been used on (outside of some of the demos done by the Oracle team themselves of course!).

So, I can rest easy that nothing could possibly go wrong during my next training session in London (hint of sarcasm there, since to assume nothing will go wrong when you’re planning to do that many live demos would be plain self-delusion!).

One thought on “First ever APEX 3.1 Training?

  1. Christophe De Backer


    This week I gave an ApEx Course at Oracle University Belgium on a version 3.0 – I have to live with the (supported) setup of Oracle University -. However, nothing keeps me from showing 3.1 new features on my Oracle11g ApExinstallation on my laptop, which I upgraded, just as you, 48 hours before the start of the course. My students were extremely interested on the interactive reporting.




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