Monthly Archives: April 2008

APEX ported to MySQL and SQLServer

One of the big ‘limitations’ with APEX is that it is proprietary, after all who wants to go to the hassle of installing Oracle just because you want to use Oracle functionality.

Here at APEX Evangelists, we have been busy toiling away for the last few months and we’re pleased to announce that we have finally managed to port APEX to run on Microsoft SQLServer and MySQL.

Now you can use the full power of Application Express regardless of which backend database you’re using.


We have issued a couple of press releases about the product, which we are calling “Application Espresso”. Product Manager for Espresso, Dimitri Gielis was heard to say “It’s AWESOME”, whilst John Scott was quoted by Time Magazine as saying “It’s a major step forward for Database Independence, whilst maintaining a synergistic paradigm shift for adaptive conceptualization of Web 3.0”.

We are currently looking for Beta testers, so drop us a mail if you’re interested.