Utrecht Apex Training – Followup

A few days ago we held our third open European Application Express training days in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

It was my first time in the Netherlands and I loved it, I have to say I thought it was a bit of myth about everyone using bicycles until I saw more bicycles in 20 minutes than I’ve seen in 30*cough* years in the UK.


The event was fully subscribed (infact slightly more) with 34 attendees, some of whom had been on one of our previous events (which is a really encouraging sign and a good endorsement that you’re doing something right!).


In the 3 days, we covered a lot of different topics, trying to squeeze in as much as possible to try and give everyone something that they could take away with them (always a difficult task!), hopefully we managed to do that (the feedback comments were very good and positive).

I’m pleased to say that not a single demo failed this time…until we got to the quiz section on the final day, then all the problems came home to roost at the same time, luckily it was pretty funny (with me barely able to speak for laughing at some points).

On the last training events we have invited the attendees out to a restaurant as a ‘thank-you’ from us, however this time we decided to go Bowling instead. All I can say is it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve been bowling, our lane was decidedly wonky and the balls weren’t perfectly spherical…there, did I make enough excuses?

All in all, I had a great time, can’t wait till the next one!

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