Monthly Archives: October 2008

Carl Backstrom – A great loss

I woke up to the news this morning that Carl Backstrom has been killed in a car accident.

I’m not going to post a link to the news article directly, as it contains some distressing details that some people might not wish to read, however the news has been confirmed by various Blogs and (reliable) people on Twitter.

For those who didn’t know him, Carl was “Mr AJAX & Javscript” in the Application Express World, he was responsible for some incredibly cool features in the APEX tool and was always helpful with the APEX community.

However more than that, Carl was a really cool and great guy. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Carl at many of the Oracle events in the last few years and would often send him “hey dude, what’s up with my javascript here?” messages on MSN in the small hours and he would always answer them, without fail.

Carl was definitely a good friend, I’ll miss him a lot and I’ll never have another whiskey without checking for flies first!

One of my fondest memories about Carl (and I have a lot) was the day he took Dimitri and me for a guided tour around San Francisco and showed us sights that we never would have seen otherwise.

My thoughts are with Carl’s family and friends at this difficult time.


ODTUG09 – Call for APEX Papers

Recovered from the last ODTUG? Well, time to start thinking about the next one 😉

At ODTUG2009, for the first time there will be a seperate APEX Track (anyone doubting the future/success/growth of APEX should hopefully see how positive this is). All of the APEX sessions will hopefully be held in the same room (or couple of rooms), which means less chance of APEX presentations overlapping, or having to race around and find the locations of the rooms each time (or is that just my problem?).

The ODTUG board have asked myself, Dimitri Gielis, Scott Spendolini and Patrick Wolf to be responsible for the APEX Track content at ODTUG09.

So how can you help? Well there are a couple of ways –

  • Make your Mark – You can shape the direction of the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference by discussing and voting on topics in our new online Kaleidoscope Community. Tell us what you know you need to learn. You have ideas and we want to hear them!
  • Submit an Abstract – Don’t wait until the last minute (abstract deadline is November 3), submit your abstract now. Not sure what to present? Begin participating in the Kaleidoscope Community and find out which topics are important to developers today.