UK APEX SIG – Coming VERY soon


The “need” for a UKOUG Application Express SIG (Special Interest Group) has been discussed a lot, Jonathan Lewis blogged about it a year ago and received a lot of interest. Sara Blair also floated (or resurfaced at least) the idea again last year, again receiving a lot of positive feedback. I have also been very interested in the idea and have said as much to most UK “APEX people” that I’ve spoken to.

However up till now it’s just never happened, fortunately Justin Hudd has progressed it past the idea stage and actually co-ordinated pulling everything together to actually make it happen!

So on the 13th February in the Oracle office in London will be the first UKOUG APEX SIG meeting!

The agenda is available on the UKOUG site here, however to give you an outline, we have –

  • David Peake (Oracle) – Latest & Greatest from Development
  • Anthony Rayner (Oracle) – Learn How Oracle Utilises Application Express
  • Dimitri Gielis (AE) – What happens on an APEX Page?
  • Matt Nolan & Vincent Migue (e-DBA) – Using APEX to Expose your Business to the Web
  • John Scott (me!) – Dispelling Myths about Application Express
  • APEX Forum – A chance to ask the Experts
  • A.O.B. and Close

The event is planned to run from 9am to 5pm, however given how enthusiastic most of us are about Application Express I’m sure we’ll be around a bit later too to ask any questions etc.

A note on the pricing:

  • If you are already a member of UKOUG then it’s free to attend.
  • If you are not a member then there is a £160 plus VAT charge.
  • 3 thoughts on “UK APEX SIG – Coming VERY soon

    1. Sara

      Hi John

      It’s really exciting to have our first UK APEX SIG, however are you sure it’s free? When I first heard about this event I contacted UKOUG about it. They confirmed that you had to be a UKOUG member and that you needed to pay to attend. This amounted to at least £206 including VAT, if you’re not already a member (plus travelling and accommodation expenses on top as appropriate).

      If this is free then that’s brilliant.



    2. Sara

      Hi John

      I’ve just had confirmation from e-DBA that it’s only free if you have UKOUG membership and then you only get one free place. After that it’s £80+VAT per delegate. For us without membership we’re looking at £206 just to attend, so in my case it would cost at least £300 to attend with travelling. Which isn’t exactly free! To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.



    3. John Scott

      Hi Sara,

      Shortly after posting I amended the post to add the pricing detail at the bottom.

      You’re right that it would be great if it was free, however I’m not in charge of pricing and these things do need to be funded (unless we all just met in a more ‘informal’ environment I guess).

      One thing I would say is that the first SIG meeting is probably the one that is best going to ‘shape’ the future ones so if you can attend then it’s perhaps exactly the place to discuss these sort of things?





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