Signs you might travel too much

Flying Last year I did a lot of travelling, sure…not as much as some people probably did, however it was still a heck of a lot of travelling (at last reckoning around 50 or so flights).

This year is shaping up to be similar to last year (perhaps even more travelling!), so here’s my thoughts on some signs you might be travelling too much (in no particular order other than how they sprang to mind):

  • You always know where your passport is at any point in time (seriously, when I didn’t travel that much I would always have that mild panic of “where’s my passport?”…not any more.
  • You recognise many of the people at the immigration desk in another country.
  • You can recognise exactly what the flight meal is just by the smell of it, even the desserts.
  • You always carry spare laptop batteries for your flight, even if you plan to sit in a seat with power…because odds are that it won’t be working the day you really need it.
  • You’ve had your luggage lost…(you were expecting that one right?)…but here’s the kicker, you’ve had your luggage lost and you’re actually not that worried about it, because hey…these things happen when you travel alot, worrying and shouting about it won’t make it turn up any faster.
  • You realise that the only essentials you really need, are a passport, boarding card and a credit card. Everything else can be bought, borrowed or improvised (see above).
  • You have been stopped by the LAPD for turning right on a red-light…at a ‘Do Not Turn Right On A Red Light’ sign…with the LAPD car right behind you.
  • You start turning right on red lights, even though you’re back in your home country which has no such law (see above).
  • You have (at least once) got into your own car and thought “Where has the steering wheel gone?”…only to realise you’re back in your home country where they put things on the *correct* side 😉
  • You got that free airline upgrade. Upgrades are harder and harder to get these days, but the sheer number of times you travel means that the odds are that one day you’re going to have something really horrible happen during your flight that the airline has to compensate you for…in that sense upgrades are the peak before the next trough.
  • You have more than 3 types of currency in your wallet at any point in time.
  • You use your iPhone to mark the GPS location of your car in the airport carpark.
  • You have, at least once, returned back to your country to a different airport than you left your car at (see…now the GPS location one doesn’t seem so silly does it?).

I could go on, but I won’t….additions to the list very welcome though!

10 thoughts on “Signs you might travel too much

  1. Aman....

    Hmm not sure that how many would relate but here are some things which always tell me that I am travelling too much,

    1) When you start remembering faces of both ground and air staff. Worse, they start doing the same.

    2) Your face becomes a familiar one with local cab drivers and they just ask you to sit without you telling them where to go.

    3) Even though, you are not from certain place, doesn’t live/work there but you start helping other first timers about the places to eat/visit/hang around.

    4) You come to your own city/country back and can’t remember the new shopping mall which has just come up.

    Can’t think of anything else at the moment, got to pack luggage for a travel which is starting tomorrow :-).



  2. Gareth Roberts

    Love the carpark mark on GPS … add Nokia E71 to that 😉
    Some more:
    – You know where the powerpoints are in the airport gate lounges
    – You carry multiple wireless hotspots access cards
    – You have so many frequent flyer / hotel rewards etc cards you need specific hand luggage just for them 😉 … or you’ve given up on them.


  3. Pen Q

    As an American I chuckled in particular at the red light observation…I tend not to do too much driving when I’m abroad for this very reason. Come to think of it, I don’t do much driving in LA either, once again for the same reason (!).

    Not much to add, but let me try a few

    – You can actually SLEEP on an airplane (it took me YEARS to be able to do this)

    – You can actually WORK in an airport (ditto)

    – You rate airports by the terminal bars (current winner: JFK, but Heathrow comes pretty close…I need to visit more international cities)

    – TaxiMagic is on your iPhone’s homepage (I have been stuck in some godforsaken US city WITHOUT a cab in sight way too many times…can anyone else relate to this or am I just cab-cursed?)

    Funny stuff!


  4. David Peake

    A few more for the list:
    – You have your taxi driver on speed dial
    – There are no empty pages in your passport and Passport control has trouble finding a clean spot to stamp your passport
    – Your animals don’t recognize you
    – You go to a parent / teacher conference and the teacher is shocked that you actually exist
    – You know the subway systems in other cities better than you do in your own
    – You know how to order your favorite beverage in multiple languages
    – You are on first name basis with bartenders at transit lounges in airports
    – You keep your carry-on backpack fully packed (except for laptop) at all times
    – You have duplicate toiletries so you don’t have to unpack the ones for travel
    – You have so many hotel shampoos, soaps, etc that your kids love you will never have to buy them shampoo between now and when they leave home
    – You can’t fit any more magnets onto your fridge

    Happy Travels!



  5. John Scott

    >You have duplicate toiletries so you don’t have >to unpack the ones for travel

    Oh yes! My life got so much easier when I had a seperate (always packed) travel bag with those things in.



  6. avelino lobo

    Hi alll,nAs an American I chuckled in particular at the red light observation…I tend not to do too much driving when I’m abroad for this very reason. Come to think of it, I don’t do much driving in LA either, once again for the same reason (!).n=======================navelino lobonTravelling


  7. Brad

    You know you’ve been travelling too much when you wake up in your hotel and have to look at the hotel phone to see what city you are in. Then it takes you a few minutes to figure out what you are doning there.



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