Charting the rise of Application Express

A recent post by Dimitri on whether APEX is still worth looking at (read the article to see the context!), and in particular the comment by David Peake

For some proof points look at the number of APEX sessions at Oracle Openworld 2008 = 38

reminded me that I still had an old post sitting in my drafts folder regarding the numbers of sessions related (directly or indirectly) to Oracle Application Express at the conference I’ve attended in the last couple of years, so I’ve dusted off the post (this one now!).

So since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s the chart –

APEX Presentations Totals

Note: I have just included the Collaborate, ODTUG, OpenWorld and UKOUG events as those were the ones I attended. There were many other events during those periods where there were Application Express topics being presented. Also note that there are no released figures for OpenWorld 09 and UKOUG 09 yet.

There are a few different ways to interpret these figures, firstly cynics might say, “ahh but look how the number at Collaborate 09 is less than 07”, or “look how the number at UKOUG 08 was less than 07”, well remember that the APEX abstracts are competing with lots of other abstracts to make the final cut into the accepted presentations.

Looking at 2008, it was a huge increase (not far off double) the number presentations that were given in 2007.

Currently in 2009, even with just the ODTUG and Collaborate figures to go off, we have around as many as there were in 2007 and almost half as many as there were last year (and remember we still have the OpenWorld and UKOUG figures to add to that).

So…in my opinion, yes Application Express is definitely growing, it’s certainly a good time to be involved with it.

UPDATE: I created a small APEX application on top of the data behind that chart, so you can see the session details, break by presenter etc.

You can access the application here, if you are aware of any omissions, errors or additional conferences that should be included drop me a mail/comment and I’ll try and update it.

5 thoughts on “Charting the rise of Application Express

  1. John Scott

    I updated the post with the ‘UPDATE’ section to include a link to an APEX application that has an Interactive Report on top of all that data for anyone who wants to play around with it.




  2. Nelson Petersen

    I managed to hit a combination of keys that posted my comments before I’d completed the thought…

    Toon Koppelaars gave a brief demo of Apex at Hotsos 2009 as part of his Helsinki Declaration session 2. It looked very impressive and easy. I’ve downloaded Apex 3.2 from OTN as a result.

    Oh, and to para-phrase C.J. Date, if a picture is worth a thousand words, why do we use words to say that?


  3. Patricia Smith

    My company is just starting to use APEX in production and I am trying to follow your tips
    to put a front-end proxying Apache 2.0 server and still use the DBMS_EPG package along with the environment variable ‘AE_AUTHORIZATION’.
    Could you direct me to more information about how to set up the proxy Apache and how the LoadModules are defined? I am very new to all of this and I need a fuller explanation of how it all works.
    Thanks for any help you can give me.



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