APEX Meetup at ODTUG 2009

ODTUG Kaleidoscope

ODTUG Kaleidoscope

ODTUG Kaleidoscope is just around the corner now (time flies!), now traditionally Dimitri is very good at organizing the APEX Meetup, however this year unfortunately he can’t make it (for very good reasons).

So, this time after lots of prompting (thanks Monty and Bharat) that I still hadn’t got round to announcing anything, I thought I’d put together this blog post to see how much interest there was in an APEX Meetup in Monterey for those of us going to ODTUG this year.

At the moment I think the way the schedule is, monday (during the ‘Shop, Dine and Play in Monterey’ night) or tuesday night (after the sundown sessions) looks best.

So if you’re going to ODTUG and fancy joining in with an APEX Meetup, drop a comment below and we’ll try and come up with a date/time/venue to suit the majority.

See you there!

19 thoughts on “APEX Meetup at ODTUG 2009

  1. Chiedu Okeleke

    I’m new to APEX and have been reading your (fantastic) book. Will sure like to join. Tuesday after Sundown session is great for me.


  2. John Scott

    Folks, I think we’re aiming for the meetup on the Monday in conjunction with the ‘Shop Dine and Play’ event.

    There are too many other conflicts to have it on the tuesday I think.

    Now we just need to find a place to meet!




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