APEX 4.0 Presentation Video

The folks at ODTUG have just published the APEX 4.0 Presentation video presented at ODTUG 2009 by Mike Hichwa and other members of the Oracle team.

I was there at the time and all I can say it you have to see it to see some of the very cool features that will be coming in 4.0.

You can see the video here (the full link is http://www.odtug.com/apex/f?p=500:235:0::::P235_NEWS_ID:2240).

3 thoughts on “APEX 4.0 Presentation Video

  1. tony miller

    I have a question about your book.. Page 114 has a routine that you call through an e-mail sent to a user, that verifys their e-mail address.

    There was a small typo in that code, since you were passing in a raw to the routine that built the a-mail, so I would believe that the parameter would also be a raw.

    Bigger question is, I have granted execute to apex_public_user to the verify_user routine and am trying this on oracle’s hosted site with this modified string for the address:


    I have replaced the string:
    ‘http://apexdemo/pls/apex/apexdemo.pkg_auth.verify_user?p_user=’ with the url to my workspace and version of the procedure..

    Any ideas you can offer up would be GREAT!

    Thank you,

    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX


  2. tony miller

    Never mind.. The code from the book was NOT the issue.. A trigger that was firing on the Update was not getting a proper value for who changed the row..


    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX


  3. Pat Miller

    A book related question: use of the dbms_fga for auditing as suggested in chapter 5. I can create a policy from within Apex Workspace but cannot seem to access a view which was granted to my workspace Schema and even to my userid based on dba_fga_audit_trail (view limited to my schema). How does one make the view accessible to Apex Workspace user, and even more, eventually accessible in an Apex Application. Does grant need to be to apex_public_user??




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