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Changes @ APEX Evangelists

I haven’t blogged for a while and it’s mainly due to the fact that I just haven’t had time (yeah yeah…I know that’s a weak excuse).

However there have also been quite a few changes going on at APEX Evangelists, firstly a while back we moved into some nice new offices.

APEX Evangelists Office

APEX Evangelists Offices

(I did try and take a picture on a sunny day, but hey this *is* England we’re talking about).

We have also taken on an Intern for a years placement, Paul will be working exclusively on Application Express (although we’ll be doing our best to give him a good grounding in the Oracle Database, jQuery and all the other things that we (AE) work with on a day-to-day basis). Is Paul perhaps the first Intern to be taken on specifically to do APEX work?

One thing I’ve already learned is that there is no better way to make sure you understand something than trying to explain it to someone else. We’re definitely looking forward to the year ahead with Paul (and hopefully he’s going to enjoy it too).

Paul - exploring the mysteries of jQuery

Paul exploring the mysteries of jQuery and PL/SQL

Thirdly, we have some interesting things in the pipeline for this year, we can’t say too much at the moment, but it should be an interesting year for APEX Evangelists hopefully.

Application Express Training - Leuven, Belgium

Application Express Training - Leuven, Belgium

Oh and finally, APEX Evangelists have just announced our next European Training Day event (to be held in Leuven, Belgium on 26th-28th October). You can find out more information here.