Following the very successful (over-subscribed!) first ever UK Application Express SIG meeting last year, it seems like a good idea to do another one.

The sessions include:

  • Integrating Apex with Oracle Apps – Putting the Sweet back into e-Business (Pete Mahon – Virgin Mobile)
  • New Features of Apex 4.0 (Anthony Rayner – Oracle)
  • Oracle Forms Migration (Chris Gilbane – Northgate)
  • Enhancing User Interface with ExtJS (Vincent Migue – e-DBA)
  • Increasing Scalability with APEX (me! APEX Evangelists)

It is being held on the 4th November in the same location (Oracle City Office), you can see the Agenda here. I’ve been told it’s already more than half full (before it’s really been advertised!), so I advise signing up ASAP if you want to spend a day with fellow UK APEX’ers.

Thanks again to Justin Hudd for his tireless pursuit in organising this.

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