Grab the APEX Listener

Just a quick note to say that the APEX Listener has been released as an Early Adopters download.

If you’re not familiar with it, this is a Java alternative to the OHS or Embedded PL/SQL gateway. However that is vastly understating some of the potential this has.

I was lucky enough to be given an early preview of this and was extremely impressed by how fast it was (I performed some in-house benchmarking on it). There are lots of reasons why I’d favour using the Listener over the Embedded PL/SQL gateway, such as –

1) Caching

2) More control over configuration

3) Ability to install it on a machine other than the same machine as the DB

The list goes on…so grab it, try it..give your feedback.

5 thoughts on “Grab the APEX Listener

  1. Dan McGhan


    I’m just curious… You said there are lots of reasons you’d use it over the EPG… But what about over Apache?

    I know you’re a big fan of Apache and it’s abilities including mod_rewrite and virtual hosts. At the same time, I hear this new listener will have some cool new functionality like direct file uploads… What do you think?


    1. John Scott

      Hi Dan,

      Well since the Listener runs inside Tomcat (in my case) then pretty much all the configuration I could do in the OHS can be done either natively in the Listener itself or as a configuration option in Tomcat.

      So, if the question is can I see myself switching from the OHS to the Listener, the answer is most definitely ‘yes’.



  2. tony miller

    I am having a small issue with a portion of your book..

    Here is a copy of the post I made in the APEX support forum:

    Just ran into an issue and need some help with it. A person I work with was using code from John Scott’s book (Great Book for APEX!!) and was using the verification e-mail link code, when it started acting up.

    The e-mail that is sent is to call a procedure in a database package (pkg_auth) procedure is called send_verification_email. We moved his code up to my hosted area on Oracle’s site so I could help further.

    The e-mail is sent properly, but when the link is clicked through, the following error is returned from the server:

    Bad Request
    Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.

    mod_plsql: /pls/otn/f HTTP-400 Missing ‘=’ in query string or post form

    The link that is being clicked is:

    Two parameters being passed are user name and a verification key.

    I am stumped since we compared his code to what John has in his book and except for changes in e-mail addresses and server information (don’t visit, its a company in Washington state..) it is the same…

    Thank you,

    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX


  3. Steve Pence

    Hi John,

    Do you know if the new Apex listner will run in Oracle’s own OC4J container on the App Server? We are running Apex from the Application Server to get single sign on, OID, etc.



  4. Art

    Hi John, I would like to switch to a new listener with tomcat but there is a file upload problem. I’ve got a working application on apache/embedded listener but with a new listener a file name is not passed to the file upload procedure. Would you know what the issue is?nnThanks,nnArt



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