Chrome Browser and APEX

I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the Chrome Browser from Google and noticed they’d just released the Mac Beta version so I thought I’d have a quick ‘play’ with it.

As you’d expect it does everything you’d want from a browser, I’m pretty much a Firefox/Safari person (they complement each other pretty well particularly with APEX development).

If however you’re coming from an IE background, then Chrome adds a lot of nice features, for example I tried out Chrome against one of my local APEX instances and I had to say it *felt* pretty fast and I didn’t find anything in APEX that didn’t work in Chrome (which is pretty impressive considering APEX isn’t certified against Chrome yet, but I have heard that is something the Oracle APEX development team are looking at for the future).

Chrome - SQL Workshop
Even SQL Workshop (which I’ve had a few issues in Safari with seemed to work nicely).

From a development perspective there are some very nice features, such as the “Developers Tools” panel which shows you detailed information about the pages you’re browsing. For example, it is now very easy to determine how long it takes to download and render all the resources in your webpage, or whether a particular Javascript routine is responsible for consuming all the time etc.

Chrome - Resource Usage

If you’ve already used Safari then most of this will already be familiar to you (as it appears to be the same code from WebKit). I’ve been using this functionality in Safari, together with the YSlow and Firebug plugins for Firefox to get the same information, but it’s always nice to have more options.

2 thoughts on “Chrome Browser and APEX

  1. Flavio Casetta

    Hi John,
    i signed up almost one year ago, if not more, to the Google Chrome announcement newsletter and i never got a single message, meanwhile i have been using from time to time a sort of alpha version that i downloaded following some link and i liked the browser.
    The main problem with Apex is in that, like Safari, the SQL Browser editor displays a red screen and that’s all, hopefully the Apex team will come up with a fix one day or another. There are also some differences with certain CSS styles compared with Firefox, but when it comes to standard compliance in the browser arena is always a pain in the proverbial to find who’s right and who’s wrong, apart from M$, that is always wrong, of course 🙂



  2. Todd Arave

    I’ve been using Chrome since it was released. I’m now using the beta version it does most APEX related things well. One APEX bug I’ve noticed when using Chrome is that when on the search item of an interactive report if the enter key is pressed to execute the search is not submitted/executed.



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